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In New York, there are many reasons why people require the assistance of a good lawyer from time to time. They may have certain issues that they are dealing with, like divorces, employment problems or other types of problems that require the representation from a lawyer. When they find themselves in need of an attorney, they may look through the Yellow Pages, the Internet or other means to find a good lawyer. In many cases, they will ask people that they know if they are aware of a good attorney that handles the cases that they require representation with.

Many People Refer Ross Abelow As A Good Lawyer To Others

When a person uses Ross Abelow for an attorney, they are able to recommend him to others that they know. This is because they find that Ross Abelow is easy to talk with, gathers information well and represents his clients clearly and concisely on the stand. For these reasons, many people tell others that he is worth pursuing to represent them when they are in need.

What Are Ross Abelow’s Credentials?

Ross Abelow has been practicing law for over 20 years. He acquired his undergraduate degree from NYU displaying a high interest in law. After graduation, he went on to the Brooklyn School of Law to enter the field that that he always dreamed of. In the year 1990, he opened the company, Abelow & Cassandro, Llp to practice his specialties. His specialties include family, matrimonial, litigation and commercial law. Since he has an enormous amount of experience in all of these, he is adept at handling complex and intricate cases in these particular areas.

When first enlisting the help of Ross Abelow, people will find that he is easy to talk to because of his quiet demeanor. They can be open and honest with him, and tell him the details of the situation at hand. Ross Abelow has excellent communication skills that allow others to feel comfortable with him as he proceeds to formulate a case for them that can be won in a court of law.

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iFunding Creator William Skelley Receives Prestigious Award

iFunding CEO William Skelley was recently named as Next Generation of Real Estate Leader. The exclusive membership is reserved for individuals who are considered among the top real estate professionals in the field. The group’s first annual dinner was organized by Madison Realty Capital Director Michael Stoller. Several other elites representing Carlyle Group, Kushman and Wakefield and Bank of America will be joining Skelley.

Skelley announced on Facebook he has also appeared on episodes of Stoller’s weekly televised “The Stoler Report: NY’s Business Report. This show has weekly guests who discuss real estate trends of New York and the surrounding areas. Skelley has a great deal of knowledge regarding commercial real estate. In fact, he is highly-regarded in his field.

When it comes to crowdfunding, CNBC shows Skelley has it down to a science. He was one of the first real estate gurus to utilize crowdfunding in the industry. After the Title 2 Jobs Act ruling in 2012, Skelley launched iFunding. In just a few short years, iFunding has grown to become one of the largest investing platforms in real estate.

Before iFunding, Skelley was already a mover and shaker in New York real estate. He was able to finance dozens of real estate projects and underwrite nearly $2 billion in real estate transactions through his boutique investment bank.

New York born Skelley always knew what he wanted. After completing his formal education, he attended Hobart College then graduated with an MBA from Harvard Business School. He also served as an intern to Mitt Romney at Bain Capital. He speaks to languages fluently. He has also gained valuable business experience from GE Capital and several other corporations before striking out on his own.

Skelley said in an interview he learned a great deal about real estate from his former professor at Harvard Business School, Dr. Clayton Christensen. Skelley worked as a hedge fund manager for Rose Park Advisors, a company founded by Christensen. It was his mentor’s “disruptive innovation” technique that helped him learn about real estate speculation. Today, Skelley is advising a number of high-powered real estate companies. He is also a highly-sought after speaker on the business and finance circuit.

Kevin Seawright to the Rescue

Kevin Seawright has been an instrumental input for the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. In addition to serving as the organization’s CFO, Kevin has dedicated his time and energy for the benefit of youths. Kevin has assumed a significant level of responsibility throughout his life and worked well with college students in community programs.

This year, Kevin looked to the summer to engage school going students in active and experience gaining activities. He used his networks of friends and organizations to secure summer jobs for the students. This move comes as a response to the need to equip college students with practical knowledge and skills to make them sharper in the real corporate world. Proponents of the Summer 2016 program expressed their optimism it would increase the number of graduates from local colleges.

The summer program consists of six weeks of intense work experience to residents of Newark, as reported by PR.com. In addition to the job opportunities, the lucky youths will pocket an excellent remuneration plus allowances. Among the activities included in the program include motivational and empowerment talks, college readiness, and financial literacy lectures as well as practical training on the job site.

Another impressive angle about the program is the massive cooperation and involvement by local corporates such as TD and Santander Banks. The two firms have already rolled out financial literacy lessons for successful applicants. He also reckoned that financial management is a foundation for a healthy life.

The response from college students has also impressed organizers seeing about 350 applications stream in the first day. In fact, there’s a new twist this year where the application process takes place online. Making the process online has massively reduced the entire application and analysis process from a month to just an hour. The goal for 2016 is to increase the summer opportunities by a margin of 500 new jobs.

Successful applicants can now look forward to starting their six-week programs between July and August. This mark another exciting period for college students and there’s reason to look forward to their future after graduation. Kevin Seawright remains an active and sociable individual as he strives for a brighter future of New Jersey. Followers and admirers engage him on social media through SoundCloud, LinkedIn, and Vizualize.

Igor Cornelsen Gives Advice on Investing and Private Banking

No one knows the Brazilian stock markets better than financial guru, Igor Cornelsen. With many years in the business and knowing how to invest money that will reap benefits for decades to come, he is one of the first person that clients go to when they need advice on where to put their money on prnewswire.com, and how much of it to put there.

Lucky for those seeking knowledge, Igor Cornelsen is offering some free advice on Brazilian banking basics. For starters, private Brazilian banks are dedicated to only lending money out to those that they feel a sense of security in. Meaning if you have a bad history of paying back loans, don’t expect to be getting a loan from them anytime soon.

Igor Cornelsen also says it is important to know the basics about Brazil’s banking system, which has ten major private and publicly owned banks. He also has hope in Brazil’s new finance minister on crunchbase.com, who is turning the country to more traditional methods of economic practices within the banking world. Finally, when it comes to investing he advises people to observe the country that Brazil has closest trading ties to: China. A strong Chinese economy is a good indicator for the Brazilian market.

In regards to specific investment advice, Igor Cornelsen raves about investing in passive income for a variety of reasons, the first of these being that it has no direct involvement. Igor Cornelsen says this is important as people can make money without having to put in the long hours when they are sick or tired. It also offers a continuous flow of income. This ensures that income earners won’t have to be present at all times, and can still make money (giving a literal definition to the term “making money while you sleep”). Finally, unlike active income, passive income does not require you to invest a large amount of resources. There is some investment at the beginning and after that you don’t need to worry about continuous investments like you would with active income.

Obviously Igor Cornelsen knows his stuff when it comes to investments and private banking. With many years in the industry and countless success stories, it would be a wise decision to heed any advice he may give now or in the future.

Coriant Seek A Bright Future With Shaygan Kheradpir

The technology group Coriant has recently looked to change its management structure in a bid to look for the best ways of getting the highest level of profit from the company. In a bid to turn this into a reality the company has looked to change the CEO of the company after outgoing executive Pat DiPietro decided to return to his role with parent company Marlin Equity Partners; DiPietro was always supposed to return to Marlin when Coriant had been established and a suitable replacement had been found.

Shaygan Kheradpir has now been identified as that replacement for Pat DiPietro after the former GTE Labs, Verizon, and Barclays executive arrived at Coriant to conduct a study on the profitability of the former Nokia Siemens optical networking department. Kheradpir has made a name for himself as a developer of new technologies, such as the mobile payments platform he created for Barclays that changed the way the majority of people bank in the 21st century.

Kheradpir is usually credited with creating the industry standards that are now used in technology companies where research and development plays a major role in their future plans; among the benefits Kheradpir created for the Coriant brand are the use of 30 day deadlines and small focused teams for new technologies.

Coriant has been growing at a fast rate since the company was stitched together from Nokia Siemens and a number of other technology based companies purchased by Marlin Equity Partners. The company hopes the appointment of Shaygan Kheradpir will add to the successes it has already enjoyed under the leadership of Pat DiPietro, which many believe will now be inspired to greater profits and new breakthroughs in technology for the optical networking industry.

Kyle Bass Gives Economic Opinions and 2008 Details

In an interview published on Business Insider, hedge fund trader Kyle Bass provided an interesting range of opinions on the world’s current economic situation. However, in light of the recent revelation by The Wall Street Journal that Bass was the source of a reporter in March 2008 asking a Bear Stearns executive a question that aroused so much doubt about the investment bank on Wall Street that Bear Stearns was bought up a within a week by JP Morgan Chase.

The interviewer asked Bass whether the Wall Street Journal allegation was true, about whether he gave the reporter the information that led to the damaging question, and Bass gave a straight answer: “Yes.”

However, he also adds that in November 2006 he gave a presentation to Bear Stearns executives and its entire risk management committee with Bobby Steinberg explaining to them exactly what kind of dynamite they were sitting on. He used to work at Bear Stearns and still had many friends there. He says he cared for the people there. His fund’s prime brokerage account was at Bear Stearns. Therefore, he spent 90 minutes explaining how their mortgage securities were worth far less than anybody yet knew, and how it could soon cause a catastrophe.

In the interview, he does not mention whether Bear Stearns made any move to unload the securities after that meeting. One man told Bass he hoped Bass was wrong.

Therefore, many months before the subprime mortgage crisis hit the newspapers in 2007, he explained how their mortgage securities were extremely high-risk. And some of the mortgages in those securities were already starting to default. He said Bear Stearns was leveraged 33 to one, which is extremely high just by itself.

In that interview, he mentioned it was a good thing for the cost of prescription drugs to go down. That remark should be taken in context. One of Bass’s current methods of investing is to sell pharmaceutical companies short, then file fake patent challenges against one of their drugs. Such challenges cause the pharmaceutical company’s stock price to fall, making his short trade profitable. It’s a form of manipulating the stock market that is apparently legal. His hedge fund makes money at the expense of the pharmaceutical companies, but he is reducing their motivation to develop better drugs in the future.  UsefulStooges has further reading on Bass, that really illuminates the path he’s on.

Wen by Chaz Impresses Emily McClure Professional Hair Stylist

When a product comes under the scrutiny of a professional hair stylist it’s bound to take some abuse. But, in this case it was different. There wasn’t much wrong to be found about Wen hair in the opinion of Emily McClure in the Bustle magazine review.

Emily, is not only a professional hair stylist but she is also a woman with very fine hair and is prone to oily scalp. She heard so much about the wonder of Wen hair care that she decided it had to be tested and with her. So, she went on to use the product.

First, she read the label and decided that as a pro, she was concerned about the amount of product she was to use. The actual concern was she didn’t want it to weigh her already fine and flat hair down. But, she went for it anyway and decided on a mid-point for her hair. Immediately, she was happy that her hair felt as if it was thicker which was unexpected but what she wanted to happen. The other unexpected treat was that there was a marked difference in the amount of strands and broken strands that fell into the shower.

It took a couple of days into the 5 day process for the WEN Hair by Chaz Dean to stabilize on her hair. She chose to use the sephora available the “Fig” version that adds moisture and volume and the moisture enhancement feature along with the product she uses to style her hair made it a little oily on day one and two.

On subsequent days, the wow factor grew as it really kept her style and volume up.

Visit their website : http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html

Brad Reifler Shares His Tips For Succesful Investments

Wikipedia investment veteran Brad Reifler has some tips for you that can help you make a profit when investing and minimize risks. The investment banker and entrepreneur has worked for numerous big name firms such as Refco and has founded numerous startups including Pali Capital which he later sold for a massive sum. Reifler’s newest venture and focus now is on his latest startup which is Forefront Capital. This firm specializes in providing investment opportunities and guidance for non-accredited investors who lack the financial capital and muscle of large corporations and wealthy individuals.

You must take into account all the risks involved and think about all the expenses the investment will contain. Brad Reifler recommends making an inventory of all your assets and properties. Knowing what you have and creating a set of goals will help any investor invest more wisely.

Another tip from Brad Reifler is to be cautious when it comes to the safety of your money. You don’t want to lose your money to a fraudster. Brad Reifler’s next tip is to not invest all your money into the stock market. It may seem tempting to do so, especially for the new investor. From his Twitter Reifler stresses that it is important to diversify your investments.

Reifler also states that is important to know and trust the person who will be managing your investments if you are not doing this yourself. Try to establish a good communication line with the person in charge of your funds. Reifler’s final tip is to make a clear investment objective and build upon success. For tips and information about Brad Reifler’s latest startup check out this Reuters article.

Talk Fusion Works Great For Offices

Offices are a lot easier to operate when they are running the newest technology. The newest technology is going to help people get in touch with all their customers and colleagues. There are a lot of people to keep in touch with, and a string of video emails or conferences is more helpful than trying to type out emails all the time. Bob Reina made Talk Fusion to sole just such a problem, and he made sure that it would be easy for anyone to use.

Someone who is using the Talk Fusion software in the office can put it on all the computers to make sure that everyone can use it when they need it. They also make it easy for people to learn how to use the system, and that helps everyone who wants to be able to chat with their clients and other customers. That is a really helpful thing for people who want to chat, and it is much easier than trying to use the phone or send an email.

People who are trying to start video conferences can get as many people in every video conference that they want. It is a really easy process, and it is so simple that people are not going to have to worry about how they look on the screen. The webcam does all the work, and the Talk Fusion software makes everyone look better just because it is more advanced than other programs.

Talk Fusion is a really simple way of talking to people without typing, and it saves the time that people have been wasting on the phone. Video calls for business increase productivity, and they make it easy for people to move faster. They can talk with their hands, and they can chat with anyone. all the business contacts fit in the Talk Fusion system, and the videos are clear as day.

Bustle.com Writer Takes Her Test Of Wen By Chaz To Her Shower

We rarely see a writer take a product to their shower, take pictures and post the result on facebook. But, we have that here with a writer from Bustle. She decided that she could not write a real review of Wen by Chaz if she did not take the review to her shower. She took pictures of the event, and she explained how Wen by Chaz worked in the moment.

Wen hair is a shampoo that has a built in conditioner, but it is a marketing behemoth that even the remote nations in the world have heard of. Anyone who goes online for more than a few seconds will see an ad for Wen hair by Chaz Dean, and that means the company has customers all over the place. It is no wonder that a writer took the shampoo into her shower and took pictures.

WEN Hair is supposed to help women stop their hair from shedding, and the writer at Bustle said that she had that problem for years. Her really thin blonde locks are even shown sitting on the bottom of the shower. She wanted to make sure that the review was real, and she followed the instructions on the package to the letter.

It is a lot of shampoo compared to what Wen by Chaz wants, but it worked. Her hair looked really good, and she was able to blow it dry. She even took a picture of the bottom of the shower where there is no shed hair. WEN did exactly what it set out to do.

Visit his website : http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html