Profiting with Wealth Solutions

Among the ways to make a lot of money and achieve financial independence is through making investments. However, the investment industry can be pretty hard to navigate for many people. Fortunately, there are plenty of financial advisors and firms that could help people make the money that they need for financial independence. Among the firms is Wealth Solutions. Wealth Solutions is one of the most effective firms for clients that are looking to make financial decisions. Wealth Solutions is based in Austin, TX. However, it is open to serve clients in different states and regions.

Wealth Solutions is run by Richard Blair who is very experienced in the world of finances. He is also attracted to the world of education. For one thing, his mother, and his wife are teachers. He also understands how important education is to succeeding in the market. It is almost impossible to make money without some form of education. Fortunately, Richard Blair has gotten a lot of education in the field that he is interested in which is finances. He has come to understand the effect that education can have on confidence. He has also shown a natural talent for financial planning.

With his talent and passion for retirement planning, he has decided to make that into his career. He helps people find a plan that will not only help them save for retirement, but also take them beyond retirement. Richard Blair has a lot of certifications which qualifies him to advise his clients on how they can handle finances. He understands that many people are faced with losing money. He also understands that people could find saving money to be rather tricky and difficult because of how unpredictable life is.

With the economy being in less than ideal condition, it could be a good idea for one to find assistance when it comes to financial planning. For one thing, it is important to plan for any emergencies that could take up a lot of one’s finances. Richard Blair also helps people plan for rainy days so that they can be confident in their ability to handle anything that life throws at them.

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Ken Goodrich and Goettl Air Conditioning Sponsor Vet

Introducing Goettl Air Conditioning
Goettl Air Conditioning is a leader in HVAV services. The team at Goettl places a high priority on family. Goettl strives to provide each and every family with comfort and quality. Every customer is a top priority. Gus and Adam Goettl created this company in the year 1939. This is a superior business that had moved into Las Vegas Valley in the year 1968. Every customer can expect high quality service from experienced professionals. Ken Goodrich had bought the Arizona company in the year 2013. In 2016, he took much pride in the opening of a branch in his hometown. This was opened in Las Vegas. There is a business that has experienced some changes and moves. The exceptional service has always remained consistent and unchanged.

College Student Receives Funding
Thanks to the generosity of Goettl Air Conditioning and owner Ken Goodrich, a Nevada student has been sponsored for his upcoming career. Nick Hughes is the grateful student who has been given 1,000 dollars to assist him with his career goals. He is an individual who was undecided on what he wanted to pursue after he had left the Navy. This occurred three years ago when he transitioned into civilian life. The 1,000 dollars is an award that will enable him to pick 1,000 dollars of tools. This will be very helpful in his next step toward his career. Nick will soon be graduating from a two-year program at the College of Southern Nevada. He will graduate from the air conditioning technology program.

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Gooettl Air is Ready to Manage Your HVAV Needs
You can count on Goettl to manage all of your HVAC needs. You can expect excellent service from qualified professions. They are up-to-date and ready provide prompt, friendly, and high quality service.

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Thor Halvorssen On Bernie Sanders

During the 2016 Presidential Election, social issues have emerged with which many of us are completely unfamiliar. Those who are familiar with these issues want to stand before the nation and tell them that it is not as simple as it is made out to be. Economics is complicated. It is not as simple as saying that rich people have to much money and poor people do not have enough. In this video, Thor Halvorssen did just that. While he sympathizes with the objection that some people really are greedy, he thinks that socialism does not offer any plausible solutions to this problem.

Redistribution of Wealth
Suppose you were to encounter a very rich man. He or she went to school for years and became a doctor. Accordingly, he or she could buy anything that he wanted. On the other hand, you are struggling to get by. You barely have enough money for groceries and your rent. Do you have the right to approach that individual and demand that he give you a portion of his income? Are you entitled to 10 percent of the doctor’s income, just because you are struggling? Of course not. He went to medical school and earned his high-paying career as a doctor. The fact that somebody is rich does not entitle you to a portion of their income. That is precisely what redistribution of wealth proposes. Halvorssen rejects that model.

A further problem with redistribution of wealth is that the rich people eventually run out of money. You cannot tax them indefinitely. This egalitarian tax may be a temporary solution, but it will cause a lot of long-term problems. For when the rich run out of money, who do you need to begin taxing? You begin taxing those who are a little less rich. Then you slide down through the classes until the poor are being taxed as much as the rich.

According to this article from Huffington Post, Thor Halvorssen offers a sobering criticism of this model. Criticism of socialism really has not received enough media attention. When a rational person, such as Thor Halvorssen, presents this material, it is difficult to ignore.

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How Can Someone Start Investing Like Martin Lustgarten?

People who want to become an international investor like Martin Lustgarten should make sure that they get in touch with him to talk about how he manages his money. He is an Austrian and Venezuelan by birth, and he has used his international heritage to invest around the world. He lives in Florida, but Martin Lustgarten is willing to invest in any country that gives him the best chance of making the most money.


There are a lot of people who want to be a lot like Martin Lustgarten, and they are going to have to pattern a lot of what they are doing after what he is doing. It is very simple for him to show them what to do, and he has a long track record of success that anyone can point to and say that it is what they would want for themselves.


Martin Lustgarten is the sort of person who is going to make a wise decision on an investment because it works for him over the long term. This helps him make more money every day, and it helps him make sure that he is going to be as diverse as possible. He willing to walk away from bad investments, and he is willing to choose interesting investments from around the world that other people might not pick.
Martin Lustgarten is a wise international investor who knows how to get the most out of his investments with ease. He can teach anyone to have the same kind of investment style, and he is going to show people that they can make a full time income if they want to. Anyone who wants to be just like Martin Lustgarten should start studying what he does, and they will learn how to make the most money from every new investment they make around the globe.

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QNet Reflects Direct Selling and Charitable Success

QNet has done well for a lot of people. Entrepreneurs looking to make supplemental or full-time earnings have found working with the company to be a joy. Buyers have been thrilled with the purchases of various products and services from the company. And those in need of charitable help are thrilled that QNet, the Hong Kong-based direct selling giant, is heavily involved with charitable causes. A working relationship with Lions Clubs International has allowed QNet to support scores of charities across the globe.

QNet’s growth has captured a lot of media attention over the philanthropic work performed over the past few years. The news stories about the charitable duties have helped cast a bright light on the business endeavors.

QNet is a direct selling company. The business model it offers is far more preferable to many people than a network marketing pyramid approach. QNet has had to invest a lot of publicity into making sure potential partners know it is not a MLM endeavor and, to a great degree, QNet has been successful. The company has grown immensely in 16 years, has offices in 25 countries, and has a presence in over 100 global territories. Recently, QNet has strategically grown its presence in India. The emerging economy of India should prove to be very helpful to QNet and affiliated partners.

QNet is proud of a number of factors that have helped the company succeed. Being very deliberate in the process of developing products and services is one. Putting all products and services through a serious testing program is another.

3 Things To Consider Before Using Airbnb To Rent Out Your Home

Airbnb is an online rental platform that allows homeowners to rent out a room, or in son cases their entire home, to travelers looking for short term arrangements. The extra income is great for those who live in expensive areas.

However, there are many things would be hosts often fail to consider. Here are 3 things you need to think about before opting to rent out your home via any online rental platform.

#1 – What Does Your Homeowners Policy Cover?

Most homeowners policies will not cover short term rentals. As a matter of fact, most homeowners policies explicitly exclude such activities. To protect yourself it is best to upgrade your policy.

Add a rider or invest in a business liability policy. You can also require all guests have proof of insurance.

#2 – What Risks Come Along With Having A Tenant In Your Home?

Having a tenant in your home comes with a lot of risks. The potential for injuries, theft, damage, lawsuits and illegal activities are all risks you need to consider before renting your home out to a complete stranger.

Please note if you are running a short term rental business you may be required to get a commercial license.

#3 – Is The Protection Offered By Airbnb Enough?

As of right now Airbnb offers all hosts $1 million worth of protection. The problem is this protection is not an actual insurance policy. That means if something goes wrong, you still may be left to foot the bill.

The protection through Airbnb is a guarantee and not an insurance policy. This means you will be required to exhaust all other possibilities before filing a claim.

Who Is Richard Blair?

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions, an investment advisory firm that provides advice to individuals, families and small business owners.

Growing up surrounded by teachers Blair took an interest in education at a very young age. He was able to see first hand how teaching can change someone’s life. Due to his natural aptitude for finance, Blair knew he could help people by teaching them how to invest and plan for the future.

In 1993 after graduating college Richard Blair immediately started working in the financial services industry. One year later he opened Wealth Solutions with the goal of providing unbiased financial advice to those who need it.

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Coping with Venezuela’s Energy Crisis

As featured recently in Wired, Venezuela is in the midst of an energy crisis that is completely rocking the country and currently threatens economic and political stability. There simply is not enough power to keep the lights on. Although the U.S. is unlikely to experience an energy crisis of the magnitude that is decimating Venezuela, the situation there can serve as a lesson on the instability inherent in depending on renewable energy for a country’s main power source.
In Venezuela, the vast majority of the power needs for the country are supplied by a single dam. Given that the country is experiencing a drought unlike any in recent history, there are massive implications for power outages when there is not enough water in the dam to support the country’s hyrdo-power needs.

In analyzing the current situation in Venezuela, some experts like David Osio are now saying that no more than one quarter of a country’s energy needs should be fulfilled by renewable energy. They say the problem with renewable energy is that once the energy source is depleted, no matter the cause, there is no way to generate more of it. Also added Osio, depending on natural renewable resources for energy means that the country’s infrastructure must be built around those specific resources, which may be terribly inefficient and cost much more money than if power sources could be easily transported where and as they are needed throughout the country.