Discounts and Social Networking

The world is full of costly activities that is only increasing as inflation continues to make ground in the United States and abroad. In order to try and combat these rising costs entrepreneurial genius Billy McFarland has created a very interesting product that will help to diminish prices. This product is a small metal card that acts in the same way as a credit card, called Magnises.

Magnises is interesting in that when it is used to make a payment for a service rendered it automatically discounts a certain amount of money off of the overall price.

The card is linked to a member bank account and can be used in a multitude of different situations, such as restaurants, bars and events such as concerts and cruises. This is important for general consumers when it comes to saving money, and it is ideal for use within the business environment.

McFarland has created in essence a way for businessmen and entrepreneurs to save money on overhead costs. In many situations in order to build a business one needs to provide meetings in to build a strong Unity between consumers, customer base and potential business partners.

These types of meetings can prove to be very costly, and discounted prices on these items can make the difference of whether or not more success can occur. Magnises provides a way for businessmen to save a lot of money on these meetings and in doing so they can have more meetings to build their client base exponentially.

This concept is ideal in a changing world, where globalization and new forms of marketing and business relations are the keys for success.

According to Bloomberg, New companies can take advantage of this card, becoming a member of the service that Billy MacFarland has created and reaping the rewards as a result. It is highly recommended to take a look at this service which can be seen as both a way to get discounted prices and as a social network.

The Power of Handy Cleaning Services

Handy has been doing a great job with cleaning homes. Millions have been made in revenue, and millions of appointments have been booked. There are tons of people that are checking out what Handy has done, and I think that this is one of the best companies for outsourcing your cleaning needs.

I think that this company is a lifesaver because things can get very bad of you don’t have someone to help you get the cleaning done. I know that there have been times when my house started to resemble the early stages of hoarding. I never wanted to fall this far behind in my cleaning again so I made sure that I got with Handy Cleaning Services to get this issue resolved.

I have become a big fan of the outsourcing because it gives me the ability to do other things. This company has been crucial to me and the business that I work in. I am in charge of several vacation rental properties. I am always in a place where I need someone to clean up some homes. I get with this cleaning crew though an online appointment, and I am always pleased with the end results.

According to, the large majority of people that are trying to save themselves time will discover that Handy is a time saver that can eventually become a money saver. I don’t have to buy cleaning supplies when I get with Handy. In the long run it is actually going to be cheaper for me to pay for a cleaning service than it will be to pay for the supplies. That is why I will continue to be loyal to this company. It has saved me time and money in so many ways. They also do an excellent job with cleaning my home.


SEC Whistleblower Wins Biggest Payout In History

Often times, there is a need for a watchful eye in any business practice that involves finances. A whistleblower provides pertinent information that can aid in your watch or an investigation. The Dobb-Frank Act was created by Congress in 2010 to implement laws that would require standards be set for financial fraud. The Security Exchange Commission (SEC) has reported that an estimated $54.6 lost each year due to securities fraud. When a whistleblower provides information they should receive compensation, privacy, and employment security to ensure that their rights are being met. In fact, your rights and the outcome of your claim.

Labton Sucharow has dedicated his entire practice to SEC laws and has a key role in implementing the laws to meet a complex financial market. He wants to protect investors by ensuring that criminals are prosecuted and pay proper restitution. He has recently been acknowledged in a PR Newswire article as having won the largest payout in SEC history for his clients. Sucharow says it is imperative to get a whistleblower the compensation that they deserve when they have showed the bravery of coming forward with information on financial fraud. They understand that coming forth can cause them to blacklisted.

The Dobb-Frank Act requires that a whistleblower get get 10-30% of what is collected from a conviction of financial fraud. If the sum is over a million dollars a whistleblower should get a percentage of that. They also ensure that if another agency decides to prosecute that the whistleblower gets a portion of that. There information has provided the opportunity to save money. They have reduce the need for an intensive investigation, spending money, and finding where the fraud actually started in the first place. You don’t have to be on your own if you’re trying to face a SEC claim.

You can find a SEC whistleblower attorney by checking your local directory. They will provide you with a free consultation that will let you sit down and discuss your case. They can help you maintain your anonymity to ensure that you can find another job or be protected on your current job. You’ll be able to sit down and get a full analysis of your case to determine where you stand and the probability of winning your case. You can talk to a SEC whistlelower attorney today and find out more information on the current Security Exchange Laws that affect you as a whistleblower

What Did Bruce Levenson Assert Against His Insurance Company?

Even after former Atlanta Hawks Owner Bruce Levenson sold the team to a Grant Hill led group in 2015, some of the legal concerns remain unresolved. Bruce Levenson has sued his insurance company over breach of contract. What are the primary issues involved in this lawsuit?
“Nice Little Profit on Atlanta Hawks Sale”

Former NBA Star Grant Hill and billionaire Ares Management Co-Founder Tony Resslar won the auction for the Atlanta Hawks and Philips Arena operating rights after their $730 million bid, Forbes reported. In 2004, Bruce Levenson and his group had purchased the Hawks (and Thrashers) from Time Warner’s Turner Broadcasting System.

Analysts believe that Bruce Levenson enjoyed a nice little profit. Bruce Levenson co-founded the United Communications Group in 1977. See,

“Breach of Contract Lawsuit”

On June 22, 2015 as reported by Forbes, the former Hawks ownership, led by Controlling Partner Bruce Levenson, ended the relationship with the team’s General Manager Danny Ferry in an undisclosed buyout agreement. On September 13, 2016, Bruce Levenson filed a lawsuit against New Hampshire Insurance Company for “breach of contract” with respect to the Ferry settlement.

This lawsuit asserts that the insurance company has engaged in “breach of contract” and “insurance bad faith.” Specifically, the former ownership group believes its insurance policy covered employment practices, including “wrongful termination” and “workplace torts.” The former ownership group asserts that as early as April 2, 2015, certain “claims had been asserted by Ferry that it believed were covered.”

The group asserts that 1. the insurance company has refused to acknowledge that the claims had been made and 2. therefore, the policy has been triggered. The lawsuit claims that the insurance company “steadfastly refused to participate in the defense of said claims or accept coverage” while the former Hawk’s ownership group was in discussions with Ferry’s legal counsel.


Securus Technologies launches Video Visitation Systems

Securus Technologies, a company founded about three decades ago, has launched video visitation systems in prisons that will enable incarcerated parents to take their kids through their homework. The inmates’ communication provider has yet again proved its dominance in the industry and its ability to remain miles ahead of its rivals in producing innovative products.


The video visitation systems have been tipped to enhance the relationship between inmates and their families back home. If a parent is incarcerated, Securus has decided to ensure that he or she can still interact with his or her children at home. This means that parents will be able to be part of their children’s development by being able to participate in such issues such as education and career advancement while still in prison. `


Considering that an inmate will be able to help his or children with their homework, it is expected that the video visitation systems will help inmates to conform easily to the desired social traits. The systems are among the many technological advancements that Securus Technologies has introduced to correctional facilities in a bid to make them better and more efficient at rehabilitating inmates.



The video visitation has been lauded for exceeding industry expectations by enabling inmates to not only communicate with their relatives but can also to become involved in parts of their lives.


Securus has remained committed to selling high-quality services that have seen it rise to become the leading company receiving A+ ratings from reviewers for being the best in the industry. The company has been able to maintain its status for many years due to its ability to attract highly skilled engineers, communication experts, and other technical experts.


The A+ rating received by Securus Technologies signifies that the agencies and inmates using their services are highly satisfied with the firm’s products and services. The company’s reputation as the preferred service provider across US correctional facilities is testament to the company’s ability to keep its promise to its customers.


In 2016, Securus Technologies set aside an estimated $600 million to finance more technological innovations for their prisons’ communication systems. In addition to the big investments, Securus’ management has also been strategically acquiring tech organizations like JPay with the aim of improving its technological capabilities. The acquisition of the tech firms is a strategic move that has helped Securus to make innovative technological products that address diverse needs of the civil and criminal justice agencies.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

M&A Advisor Nominates Madison Street Capital For Two Prestigious Awards

Madison Street Capital, a prominent Chicago based investment firm, is nominated for two awards by M&A Advisor. The 15th edition of M&A Awards selected Madison Street Capital as Boutique investment banking firm of the year and International Industrial Deal of the Year under $100 Million. It is noticeable that the latter award was given for facilitating the acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A. by Dowco. The deal was made possible by Karl D’Cunha, the Senior Managing Director of Madison Street Capital.

The annual M&A awards represents the pinnacle of achievement in deal-making, restructuring and financing in the investment industry. Acknowledging the distinction, Karl D’Cunha was excited for the nomination. He explained that the deal between Acuna & Asociados S.A. and Dowco was a complicated affair as it involved a lot of moving parts and complex financials. However, the award will surely encourage him and others to pursue deals with even greater commitment. Read more about this acquisition:

Similarly, the CEO of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway, was also excited after multiple nomination. He particularly pointed to the efforts of his team in delivering optimal result for the client to enhance future partnerships. He also insisted that teamwork played an instrumental role in the acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A. by Dowco. Accordingly, Charles explained that teams across multiple time-zone work together to find growing and emerging businesses that can provide additional strength to the acquiring company.

The award ceremony will take place at the Gala on November 9th at the renown New York Athletic Club.

About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is an international advisory firm that provides investment banking services to public and private companies across the world. From its offices in North America, Asia and Africa, the company prides itself in finding emerging companies that can strengthen the core businesses of the parent company. Over the years, the firm has helped hundreds of clients, particularly in the middle-market, reach their investment goals. Ultimately, the success of Madison Street Capital is based on the highest level of professionalism and commitment towards the client. As per its objective, the firm will continue to focus on core emerging markets for future M&A transactions.

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Don Ressler, the Chief Executive Officer of Fabletics and JustFab

Don Ressler is an entrepreneur and the Chief Executive Officer of Fabletics and JustFab Inc. Fabletics athletic apparel and activewear brands were developed in 2013. The company’s e-commerce business model offer specific professional athletic wear fashion. The company offers athleisure clothing and trend lifestyles with many customers preferring the company’s yoga hoodies, pants, jeans, and t-shirts. The company’s items add versatility to busy schedules whilst, maintaining the athleticism workouts feeling.

The Fabletics brand offers current fitness to allow its integration into active wear, and corporate life. The company has enabled the combination of exercises into work day through lunch power sweat working. Fabletics brand has barely matured in the fashion industry, yet it has formed a leading e-commerce fashion-subscription site, with the company already generating multimillion revenues.

Don Ressler, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, believes his company is passionate about fitness. His motivation to set up the business was the idea of living in athletic wear atmosphere. He outlined the business and perceived the tremendous potential in utilizing the market gaps to present fashionable premium yoga pants, and activewear.

Fabletics is a current principal member in the athleisure section, with new brands opening up to the market all seasons. Ressler believes that Fabletics maintains its advantage through the company’s plans to create fashionable-athletic brands. Fabletics Brands consolidate workouts with workday’s premium stylish performance products that come at affordable low prices that leave each customer satisfied.

Don Ressler has announced Fabletics recent launch of the men FL2 line. FL2 clothing will afford fathers the opportunity to coach their kids, before hitting the office in the morning. FL2 clothing has the fabrics technology performance, ensuring comfort, style, and design.

Don Ressler affirmed the company’s decision to expand Fabletics into retail stores. He considers this decision to be motivated by the design to build the businesses on an e-commerce foundation proudly. He devotes to making the online shopping experience stylish, comfortable, and engaging. The Chief Executive also recognizes the needs of shoppers who prefer to shop in traditional stores, and is enthusiastic to introduce them to FL2 and Fabletics.

The company is excited to connect with customers through our stores, and learning more about them through that channel. The Chief Executive Officer believes that his business has built an active online community that the group hopes to turn to its stores. The company also endeavors to embody this community to each store so that shoppers’ interests are reflected through stores’ design, and artwork.