George Soros: Advancing Liberalism In the Trump Era

Liberals and Democrats are doing a lot of soul-searching these days as they grapple with the reality of Hillary Clinton’s unexpected loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. Progressive activist and multi-billionaire George Soros is no exception. For example, George Soros changed his plans and participated in a meeting of important Democratic supporters sponsored by the Democracy Alliance just a few days after the election. The conference was organized some time ago, but it featured a hastily reworked agenda in view of the election results.

George Soros is one of the founders of the Democracy Alliance, which is a donor’s club of high-end liberal and progressive contributors . It was started in 2005 after John Kerry lost to George Bush. The aim of the organization is to provide funding for liberal groups and activist efforts, including political campaigns.

Soros, who is in his 80s, has not been active in the DA in the last few years. His direct involvement suggests he is planning to participate more in efforts to address issues raised by the election outcome. This makes sense in light of his lifelong commitment to the cause of human freedom worldwide. His passion grew out of his boyhood experiences under authoritarian regimes in Hungary. After surviving the Nazi occupation despite his Jewish heritage, George Soros escaped the Soviet-backed government that replaced it. After graduating from the London School of Economics, he moved to the United States. Soros became one of the most successful stock and currency traders in history. He has devoted much of his wealth to aiding refugees, promoting immigrant causes and a variety of liberal issues and politicians.

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At the DA conference, Soros hosted a session that centered around his experience with authoritarianism. Attendees expressed the view that his background provides insight into how they can resist Trump’s agenda. This notion of resistance is one of two themes that emerged from the meeting. George Soros and others appear to be determined to oppose efforts to repeal Obamacare and other liberal reforms.

The second theme of the conference was an effort to identify why Democrats did so poorly in 2016, and to start making changes aimed at rebuilding. George Soros contributed an estimated $25 million to Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid. In analyzing what went wrong, many participants suggested that Democrats focused too much on identity politics by reaching out mostly to women and minority groups. Soros and others put forward the idea that much more attention needed to be given to the working class, and to increasing involvement in state and local politics.

Refocusing on localized political issues appears to be due in part to the example set by George Soros. During the 2016 election season, he donated $2 million to a PAC called Maricopa Strong. His contribution, along with money given by several other major Democratic supporters, financed a successful bid to unseat Sheriff Joe Arapio of Maricopa County, Arizona. Arapio, who is currently under a federal contempt citation issued by the Justice Department, is the controversial anti-immigration hardliner who has repeatedly made national headlines for allegedly discriminating against immigrants, and for violating their civil rights. His defeat, along with contributions to oppose right-leaning district attorneys by Soros in Phoenix, Houston and Denver, may be seen by Democrats as a road map for future political strategy.

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EOS Revolutionized Lip Balm

EOS, an acronym for the Evolution of Smooth, revolutionized the lip balm world just seven years ago when they released their own lip balm brand to compete with the large companies already dominating the space. Of course, lip balm is about the last industry that you would ever expect to be revolutionized, so their story is a compelling one to say the least.

How EOS lip balm came to change the lip care market is a tale of learning about their customers including those who were not all that enthralled with the lip balms that they were using. For the most part, the lip balm that people consumed in the year 2000 was pretty much the same that was sold in 1900. Flavored were bland and medicinal, the products were made from petroleum jelly, that oil byproduct, and lip balm was sold in these androgynous applicator tube that was sanitary, but easily lost in the handbag of women, who were the primary buyer of lip balm.

The most interesting part of the lip balm market was that the female consumer who primarily bought lip balm was not all that excited about using it and had no loyalty to the brands that they bought. EOS set to change that by making a product that excited these female consumers. Walgreens was the first major chain to put the product on its shelves, and other stores like Target followed.

They started with organic and all natural ingredients including higher quality oils which last longer and provide added moisture protection. New and unique flavored were added which contain fruit and subtle flavors which were appealing to women. Finally a new applicator orb was introduced which was not only sanitary but also unique and stood out.

This market strategy proved to be a success and consumers bought EOS lip balms ( in droves to the forefront of the market to the point where competitors started to emulate EOS. Read the full EOS history on


Brazil’s Major Real Estate Firm: Construcap

Construcap stands out among the best construction companies in the whole of Brazil. This company is bent on delivering high quality sustainable projects. Its influence in the economy is through the energy sector as well as the building sector. The activities of this company are based on the Integrated Management System and it is ISO certified to deliver services indiscriminately to both the public and private clients.

Service Delivery

The services that are offered by Construcap transcend the heavy duty construction markets, the industrial and the commercial markets. The company offers services such as construction, engineering and procurement. Additional services that are offered by the company include: electromechanic assembly, design and building, structured projects and civil engineering.

Affiliates of Construcap

Due to its position in the various industries it operates in, Construcap has landed big contracts. Through its affiliate, InovaSaude, Construcap has been picked to build three major health facilities in Brazil. Further, the procurement and supplying of hospital equipment to the new facilities has been entrusted to Construcap. This Construcap affiliate will also be responsible for the management of other non-health services. The facilities will be in Sao Paulo’s cities like: San Jose Campos, Sao Paulo and Sorocaba. While the non-health services will be managed for a period of 17 years, the construction of the facilities will take an average time of 17 years.


Construcap offers training to youngsters who are out of school and find themselves being lured by the industry. This program is especially beneficial to undergraduates. Those interns that are successful are then employed by the company as full time workers. The two fold training deals with acquainting the interns with the practices of the company and career development. The interns each get a mentor to help them through the course of their training.

Literacy among Adults

Among the many site employees of Construcap, there are those who are still not literate. The company has taken initiative to school such individuals in the art of reading and writing. Those who are successful in this initial training go ahead to join professional institutions to hone their knowledge. The leadership program at Construcap is equally important in developing leadership skills among its employees.

Construcap Builds Platinum LEED Facility

One Of Brazil’s Largest Construction Firms

Construcap is a Brazilian construction and real estate development company that has its headquarters in the city of Sao Paulo. It has thousands of employees who work in the construction and real estate management sector. The company was founded in the 1940s and has helped built bridges, roads, railroads, ports, houses, apartments, warehouses and factories in Brazil. The firm has even received contracts abroad.

One of the reasons, why Construcap has been so successful is through the use of economies of scale. The company can leverage its massive size and resources to save on costs on construction, labor and transportation of materials. The firm also uses OpenManage Integration in its management operations. This streamlines management and makes it more efficient by cutting down waste, while improving communication between various division of the firm.

One Of Construcap’s Proudest Achievements, The Completion Of The Arena Mineirão

The Arena Mineirão was designed and built by Construcap and is one of the firm’s landmark completed projects. It was given the Platinum LEED certification for environmental sustainability by the Green Building Council of the United States. This is the highest level of certification for Eco-friendlyness and energy efficiency that there is. Only one other stadium, has been awarded this honor in over a decade.

There are a number of reasons why the Arena Mineirão has been graded with a platinum LEED certification. During the actual construction phase, great care was undertaken to ensure that there was minimal environmental damage and disruption especially to the local community. The Platinum LEED rating takes into account water usage and management, energy efficiency and usage, recycling, air quality technology and impact on the local environment.

Here is some more in depth features that helped the Arena Mineirão win the Platinum LEED certification. It is powered by a massive photo voltaic electrical system that uses energy from solar panels found throughout the facility. This electrical system creates enough energy to power over a thousand homes. Water is obtained primarily through the capture of rainwater. The rainwater is used for urinals and irrigation.

Chris Burch: The Relationship Between Fashion and Technology

The technology industry, like any other fashion industry, has accrued numerous changes over the years of development and civilization. However, there is one constant that remains. Both industries grow at the same pace. They rely on one another for advancements. Over time, technology is integrated to become fashionable, and fashion is made technologically fashionable. The fascinating part of the story is how the two have grown together. A glimpse of the past and present shines a light on what is in the future of the two entities.

There was an air of excitement that was brought about in the dawn of the 70s. This technology allowed us to carry on our stations and tunes. Moreover, we could play music with two cassettes. One was placed at the periphery to play music. The use of this technology, which went into the 80s, saw the addition of the movies in the cassettes. Therefore, one could purchase a better experience in music with the latest technology at that time. The Walkman invention revolutionized the music industry. This saw the use of the tool to carry music wherever you went. For more than 10 years, this experience was made smaller through the use of technology into the iPod. Whatever is considered fashionable, it is made to grow using technology.

According to Chris Burch of Burch Creative Capital, there us a synthesis of fashion and technology happening. Whatever delivers, fashion designers have delighted in creating such solutions to the worldwide markets. The use of technology is highlighting the possibility to create better fashion. There is an inclusion of the highest innovating standards together with functionality. A Dutch fashion designer, Anouk Wipprecht, marries all fashion and technology states to develop high-end solutions. While she goes deeper into technology, she makes better things for her consumers. Endless possibilities are the reward of her art. She has designed dresses for the royal families in the United Kingdom.


While we keep using technology to advance in fashion, she has created a better system that can be work on the neck to protect you from bike injuries. In the occurrence of an accident, you will get better protection from the result of fashion and technology. She explains that a helmet for a cyclist is not pleasing. However, this is the tool that prevents you from dying in the event of an accident. For this reason, technology makes better fashion. You will have a better visibility of the surrounding if you are open.

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