<strong>US Health Group – Anywhere, Anytime</strong> US Health Group – Anywhere, Anytime


US Health Group based in Dallas, Texas was created for doctors and other medical professionals to find services for their patients with Physician Owned Companies. The services available are outstanding and quickly serve the needs of patients within their coverage areas.

Accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2013, they are constantly changing and improving to offer the best combination of patient care resources for health professionals. US Health has received 4.06 out of a top 5 rating. You can visit their website for more information . Read their News pages for articles about the most current issues for doctors and patients.

The Mission

Their mission is HOPE. Helping Other People Everyday is more than just a symbolic word – it is a commitment to make a positive difference in peoples lives everyday. Serving more than 15 million customers with more than 50 years of combined knowledge and experience they can offer affordable and reliable care. HOPE combines donations of time, money and labor in local communities in times of need such as after Hurricane Katrina and other disasters.

Becoming a Member of their Network

By logging into their network, you can easily set up a request for a personal quote which even offers vision and dental care and other options. Browse through their services and select the ones that will make the most sense for your family.

Rates and Coverage

As mentioned already, coverage options will vary according to personal preferences and budget, but here are some basic figures to give you an idea. These are based on a Premium Level 1 at age 42.

Individual Plan $136 per month

Married Couple Plan $274 per month

Family Plan $388 per month

All include a 15 month rate lock and first dollar benefits, no calendar year deductible and a Short Term Insurability Rider that is guaranteed. The US Health Group even offers MedGuard, a 5 year, renewable term life insurance policy. Limitations and exclusions may apply.

What Next?

We hope you will take a look at our webpages and request a quote whether you are buying health insurance for the first time or looking for a change. Our job is to make your happy and healthy lifestyle a priority at a reasonable price with the best services and experience. Here is our website again for your convenience.

Mike Baur Co-Founder & Executive Chairman at Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is Swiss Start-up Factory AG co-founder with 20 years of experience with the Swiss Banking Industry other than having acted some fund-raising roles in Swiss Start-up Factory. Mike Baur’s affection for finance and banking started in his early years as an adolescent in the place where he grew up of Friborg, Switzerland. It was nothing unexpected that he later sought after his passion and made a profession out of it. Mike got an MBA from the University of Rochester and Executive MBA from the University of Bern.

Mike spent successful 20 years in the Swiss banking arena ascending in the positions to wind up distinctly as part of the official leading group of a huge Swiss private bank. Other banks that Mike worked with include Sallfort and Clariden. His entrepreneurial voyage started in 2014, when he was 39 years old. Together with two different accomplices, he began the Swiss Startup Factory to give guidelines and bolster young and digital pioneers. Swiss Start up Factory is privately owned and is also financed independently. It is the first of its type in Switzerland operating three-month accelerator packages for techpreneurs.

Mike Baur has a big interest for youth and thus he spends a considerable amount of time offering support to youth businesses, demonstrating financial and training help for promising new businesses. Being the fellow benefactor and CEO, Mike is additionally in charge of financing and raising finances at Swiss Startup Factory. The factory was begun in 2014 in Zurich and intends to recognize and bolster developing and prosperous computerized business visionaries. The SSUF operates a 3-month acceleration program targeting Startups, where training and tutoring are provided in areas, for example, offices, investor network, entrepreneur and finance network.

At the SSUF, starting organizations that specialize in digital innovations have the chance to be taken via structured accelerator projects to come up with prosperous and innovative will power able to contend for the world commerce market. Amid the three-month speeding up program period, the chosen new businesses are taken through rhythms as they get tested making sure they can come up with trading ideas before pitching it to accessible and potential speculators. The quickening agent program in the Swiss Start up plant is the fit for yearning youngsters who need to set the world ablaze with their developments and ideas.

In an era of three months the targeted individuals are pushed assisted to bring their ideas and plans into the market while utilizing the lean canvas innovation. Today, majority of people have learnt and benefited from the exemplary life of Mike Baur.

Chronicling Kim Dao’s Visit To The Sakura Spring Festival

Kim Dao is a YouTube star who focuses on beauty and lifestyle subjects. In 2016 she visited the famous Sakura Spring Festival, held when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. During the festival the streets are lined with vendors offering a huge variety of street food that she will show us. Her trip to the festival was sponsored by Odigo Travel.

The first food she shows is grilled corn but soon Kim Dao shows us what a Mandarin Daifuku looks and tastes like, It’s a round sweet bun that has a filling of mandarin oranges. Another treat she shares is a Sakura Dango which are little green, white, and pink balls with a stick through them.

The next street shop that Kim Dao and her friends stop at is one that sells ice cream. This is her first Sakura ice cream and she says she knows what it tastes like based on how it smells. They also get some fruit, like strawberries and apples, that have been covered in candy.

The next stop that Kim Dao wants to show us is Koshiyama Kanseido, which gives you the experience of creating your own Japanese treats. Later in the video, Kim Dao shows us an Ichigo Dora that she bought which is similar to a pancake that is filled with cream. She also gives us a peek at Fuku Usagi which is shaped like a rabbit and has a strong ginger flavor. Kim Dao ends the video on a positive note encouraging people also visit the festival.



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Bob Reina, CEO And Founder Of Talk Fusion Has One Mission: Change Lives.

If you stop Bob Reina on the street or on his way to talk to the people at a Talk Fusion convention and ask him about his mission, he could sum it up in a few words. Bob would say something like, our mission at Talk Fusion is to change lives. Since 2007 that is exactly what Talk Fusion has been doing.

This company is all about building a future based on the individual dream, whatever that dream might be. For some it is to build a business and for others it is to be able to connect with family and friends using the most amazing all in one video marketing solution on the planet.That is what Bob Reina and Talk Fusion are doing. It’s all about connecting and empowerment.

Bob Reina understands that everyone is a leader and that “with great success comes greater responsibility.” This is why he and his team have made sure that their platform is the world’s best. Along these same lines Bob and Talk Fusion’s team are not only changing lives with their product, they are changing lives in their individual communities too.

Bob gave over 1 Million dollars to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay because he saw a problem in his community that needed to be supported. Bob also supports other organizations like an orphanage in Indonesia and the list goes on and on. Bob Reina and his company Talk Fusion live up to their global mission of changing lives.

Bob Reina has spent countless hours finding new and innovative ways to help people reach their goals and live out their dreams. HE helps to empower them by allowing them to market and sell Talk Fusions all in one video marketing solution.

One of the most amazing things about this method is that the product really sells it’s self. Talk Fusion has won awards and is currently helping everyday people and huge corporations stay in contact with prospects, customers and even family members. Talk Fusion was just an idea the Bob had.

He wanted to send a short video to his mother and the internet didn’t have the technology to do it. That was when Bob set out to build a better mousetrap, but, he did something much more powerful. He built a mousetrap that has enabled him to change lives.

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Prominent Investment Banker- Martin Lustgarten

The role of an investment bank is to distribute banking services as well as products all over the world. Investments banks distribute their products to their clients who include individuals, governments and corporations. Investment Banking can be described as one of the financial services that are being offered by investment banks, most of the investment banks are privately owned financial institutions. Investment banks are well known for their services and products which include delivering of related financial services as well as products including acting as their client’s agents where there is issuing of security, assist other institutions during the acquisition and merging process, market making, derivatives trading, and financial capital by underwriting.

Investments banks do not take deposits, a character that distinguishes them from commercial and retail banks. The investment banking industry has been experiencing expansion over the years with the institutions offering the following services and products to their customers all over the world.

  1. Trading: the investment institutions have the responsibility of buying and selling shares, derivatives, and other financial products and services on their customer’s behalf.
  2. Advisor: the bodies also act as advisors to their clients on issues concerning selling and buying of firms, raising capital, the arrangement of their financial associations, and how to manage their economic risk.
  3. Provide finances: investment banks have been helping their clients buy and sell their shares, offer loans, and they assist them to find reliable partners to trade.

Martin Lustgarten is a famous and a well-known investment banker. Mr. Martin has been very successful in the financial industry and can well be described as an exceptional investment banker. Martin is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Lustgarten Martin an investment bank located in Miami, Florida. His investment firm is one of the leading investments banks and the best in the America’s history.

Martin is very hardworking and ambitious to see the growth of the financial and the banking industry in the world. Martin has a vast experience in the financial field, and he is an expert in exchange for securities as well as equity trading. Martin Lustgarten contributes largely in the financial sector.

Hussein Sajwani; The Middle East Real Estate Magnate

Hussein Sajwani’s Background


With a net worth of $3.6 billion, Hussein Sajwani is currently ranked as the 527th richest man in the world. He is also 3rd in the United Arab Emirates. Most of his wealth has been accrued from businesses in the luxurious real estate and hospitality industry.


He was brought up in a business oriented setup, with his father being a shopkeeper, and his mother a hawker. He would go to the shop during weekends to lend a hand.


Hussein was excellent in school, and the government acknowledged this by providing him with a scholarship to study in the USA. He graduated with an undergraduate degree in economics, and industrial engineering from the University of Washington, Seattle. He started engaging in business while in college, selling time-share apartments in the UAE on the side.


Early Business Ventures


Sajwani’s first job after graduation was at the finance department of Abu Dhabi Gas Industries, where he worked on contracts. He worked for only two years after which, he resigned. He used his savings from the time-share sales as capital to start up a catering business.


The catering business prospered. Hussein was able to raise money which enabled him to start small hotels in Dubai. When the government allowed foreigners to acquire land in Dubai, Sajwani sold off a portion of his assets and used the funds to buy an undeveloped piece of land in the Marina neighborhood. He managed to sell a 38-story building six months before its construction started.




In 2002, Hussein founded DAMAC properties. It is the largest private real estate venture in the Middle East. The company operates in the Middle East, and its current headquarters are in Dubai, UAE.

DAMAC primarily focuses on the development of luxurious, high-end residential and commercial buildings. Up to date, tens of thousands of lavish apartments have been constructed and more are in various stages of development. The company has teamed up with global luxury brands to design the properties. They even issue posh cars such as BMWs and Lamborghinis as a marketing incentive!


Relationship with Donald Trump


Hussein and Trump are business partners. Together, they are currently developing a $6 billion venture, named Akoya, covering over 42 million square feet. The property features cozy apartment buildings and villas, with some going for as much as $9 million.


A golf course designed by Tiger Woods is also under construction and is expected to open next year.




DAMAC continuously supports efforts to improve living standards around the world. They handed a check worth AED 2 million to a campaign to provide clothes to destitute children around the world. The contribution is projected to clothe over 50,000 children.




Taking the Entertainment Industry to another Level – Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is the Founder, and the Executive Chairman of Podcastone announces Beyond the Darkness which is their new project. Podcastone is one of the leading and the largest America’s adverting company which is fully supported by Podcast networks. Beyond the Darkness is the latest show on WWE on Chris Jericho’s podcast network, which is under the Podcastone projects. The show will feature primary feature on bringing entertaining conversant ions with the world’s researchers and experimenters, and they will be teaching and challenging the world on issues concerning ghosts, monsters, angels, demons, aliens, miracles as well as mysteries.

The Podcastone show will be hosted by the author who is also a radio host Dave Schrader, and his co-host will be radio producer w ho is also a radio host Tim Dennis. The advertisement company plans to be releasing new episodes every Monday and people can view the show on iTunes, the Podcastone app and Podcastone.com. The founder of Podcast Norman said that his organization chooses Chris because he has distinguished himself as one of the Podcastone charms. He did not forget to mention that when Jericho began his Jericho Network Collection, it was clear that it will go beyond wrestling. Mr. No5rman knows for sure that Chris Jericho will take Podcastone to a mystic with Beyond the Darkness.

Chris Jericho mentioned that he was reserved to add Beyond the Darkness podcast into his network. He was also glad that he would be working hand in hand with one of the top radio presenters Denis and Dave whom he trusts will bring with them a huge fanbase who he is certain confidence and believes in them and the subject they will be discussing. Chris Jericho knows f or sure that Beyond the Darkness will expand.

Norman Pattiz is the founder and the Executive Chairman of Podcastone Networks a position he has been holding since June 23, 2016. Pattiz had served as the Chief Executive Officer until June 23, 2016. Before he founded Podcastone, Mr. Norman was a consultant at Westwood One Inc from August 2010. Norman Pattiz had established Westwood One Inc in 1974, and he served as the Chief Executive Officer of the organization. Norman is a renowned leader and has been serving as the President of Broadcast Education Association; he also acts as a member and chairman of the University of California.

Norman Pattiz has a vast experience in the entertainment and advertisement industry. Mr. Norman has also served in various institutions as a board member including Los Alamos National Laboratory, as the Chairman of the Board of Governors, the Chairman of Alamos National Security, LLC, Lawrence Livermore National Security LLC, and he is also the President of the Regent of the University of California.

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Hussein Sajwani, His Relationship with President Trump and the Success of DAMAC Properties

Hussein is one of the most successful real estate developer individuals in the United Arab Emirates. He is a self-made billionaire and brushing shoulders with high and mighty around the world. Despite starting small, DAMAC gives the competitors sleepless nights because of its influence in the real estate market.


Mr. Sajwani saw the face of the earth 63 years ago. He is the founder and chairman of the DAMAC properties. The firm is based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates where their main administrative offices can be found. Hussein is very passionate about family. He is a married man with four kids residing in Dubai.


Hussein is a graduate of Economics from the University of Washington. After completing his undergraduate degree, he secured employment with one of the branches of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. He worked there for some time before venturing in entrepreneurship. He registered his business as Draieh Management Services Company that grew up to become the current DAMAC Group. Besides, Mr. Sajwani later established other firms that include DICO invest, Al Jazeira Services, and Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles among others.


Hussein Sajwani has a heart of gold since he is concerned about the less privileged individual in the society. He has signed and handed over several checks on behalf of DAMAC Group to various humanitarian foundations. For instance, in 2013, Hussein donated to AED two million to help clothe needy children across the world. DAMAC donated this amount as a way of supporting the government in its campaign to enhance the quality of life globally.


Additionally, Hussein is a close friend of the just inaugurated US President Donald Trump. After Trump emerged the winner in the presidential elections, he invited his fellow billionaire Hussein and his family to his new-year celebrations. The tycoon was also on the top list of guests invited to witness Trump’s inauguration as the 45th president of the US. Notably, the warm relationship between the two tycoons is based on doing business together in the past.


Mr. Sajwani continues to apply his expertise in real estate to ensure DAMAC Group remains on top. Consequently, his name will continue to feature in the Forbes Magazines among others courtesy of his success.

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