One Habit of Successful Entrepreneur Scott Rockledge is Organized Time Management

One habit of successful entrepreneur Scott Rockledge, that lead to success in business and management has been a well-organized approach to time management, calendaring and prioritization. Dr. Scott Rockledge is a graduate of The University of California-Berkeley where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry and also a Ph.D. in chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT.

With over 30 years of experience in healthcare management, Dr. Rockledge has been an evolutionary trendsetter in the area of medical and pharmaceutical cures by organizing and planning his opportunities to create fresh ideas, technologies, and cures.

Some days consist of studying new areas of life science and other days may consist of portfolio company’s management team and others are preparing and attending board meetings.

To accomplish the task each day, Dr. Rockledge has to be very well organized particularly in his approach to time management which requires him to focus keenly on the task that he chooses to perform on a daily basis.

The old adage time waits for no one is very useful in the life of this pioneer and inventor in the medical industry. The time Dr. Rockledge spends on any given task is the time that could be utilized to discover life-changing cures for many individuals within our society.

So his effort to capitalize on the time that he spends each day is not only important for him but also important for many sick lives that will be affected. Through his focus on time management and persistent research, he has developed three FDA approvals for pharmaceuticals.

The names of the pharmaceuticals released to the public are Cubicin, Teslascan, and Omniscan. Scott Rockledge also was the inventor or co-inventor of 30 US patents and also has over 100 of his Publications peer-reviewed.

With a successful career in the medical industry, Scott Rutledge has had to be well-organized in the area of time management, calendaring, and prioritization to accomplish the multiple tasks and discoveries that he and his company have accomplished.

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Why Dr. David Samadi Developed His SMART Operation for Prostate Surgery

David Samadi, MD, is an internationally recognized urologic oncologist who performs surgeries such as prostate surgery. He has done both open traditional therapy as well as laparoscopic surgery. He has received extensive training in robotic plastic surgery. He is the Chairman of Urology at New York City’s Lennox Hospital as well as the Chief of Robotic Surgery.

As one of the foremost experts in his field of medicine, he invented the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique, or SMART. This is a minimally invasive form of surgery which is robot-assisted. He says that his SMART method dramatically cuts down on complications that many men have after other forms of prostate surgery. It’s not nearly as damaging to nerves in the area which can cause issues such as lost sexual function.

Dr. David Samadi has been working with the same team of medical professionals for most of his career. He says that he has built a top-notch team that knows what to do and where to be at all times during a surgery. Together they have performed over 7,000 successful robotic prostate surgeries. Almost 90% of his patients are free of cancer after he has done surgery 83% regain their sexual function.

He has been on a number of different media outlets over the years. He had a long-running show on Fox News Live, Sunday Housecalls, where he was the host. He has also been one of this news channels consultants and contributors. Other media he has made appearances on are Good Morning America, Forbes, and The Mission WMCA AM 570.

Dr. David Samadi completed his fellowship in 2002 at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan. He became a member of the American Urological Association Society of Urologic Oncology. Prior to his work at Lenox Hill Hospital he has also worked at Columbia Presbyterian and Mount Sinai Medical Center, both in New York.

He was born in Iran. As he is Jewish, he and his brother had to flee this country when the Iranian Revolution happened. They made their way through Europe before being allowed into the United States. They attended high school in New York. He was able to earn a degree in chemistry at Stony Brook University that was paid for by a full scholarship. After this he focused his education on becoming a urologic oncologist because he wanted to help people and because he found the robots to be fascinating to work with.

The Ultimate Solution For Cancer-Related Information

Do you know someone who is suffering from cancer? Have you ever known someone in the past that has suffered with cancer? Do you know how hard it can be to get high-quality information on cancer? Thanks to the internet, the general public is offered a plethora of information on an immense amount of topics. On the other hand, this immense amount of information can oversaturate you with too much material. In addition to that, some of this information is accurately incorrect. When it comes to obtaining information about a medical issue, opinions mean absolutely nothing because you’ll be in need of actual facts.

WebMD and Cancer Treatment Centers of America has teamed-up to host an innovative platform that will delivers cancer-related information. Both if these two entities have a rock-solid reputation as well as a resume of success. By having this information available to cancer patients and to the general public, people can receive real-time information that’s educational. The platform will be interactive, which allows people to click on specific topics, subjects or services. Cancer patients and factual material goes hand-to-hand. This information will provide information for caregiver support, for survivorship, for supportive therapies, for diagnosis and others. Individuals will also receive information on the many different forms of cancer such as:

  • Prostate Cancer
  • Breast Cancer
  • Skin Cancer
  • Colon Cancer
  • Lung Cancer
  • And more

By combining WebMD with the prestigious Cancer Treatment Centers of America, the options are literally endless. This organization has been around since the late 1980s, and it is actually a team of board-certified specialists. The organization has medical facilities in the cities of Phoenix, Chicago, Atlanta, Tulsa and Philadelphia. All in all, WebMD and Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a winning solution, and the duo is setting better industry-standards.

Anthony Petrello: The Best Man

If you ever need to select someone to do a difficult job, send the best-prepared person you can find. If the task requires strength, send the strongest. In a situation where wisdom is the critical factor, you should assign the wisest. So, it only makes sense that in 2011, when Nabors Industries, Ltd. needed a new CEO, they chose Mr. Anthony Petrello. A CEO must be sharp, and that is indeed what he has always been.A corporate CEO is a job where wisdom and intelligence are factors in determining one’s effectiveness. Nabor Industries is a 2 billion Dollar a year business. The company, based in Houston, Texas, is the preeminent player in the contracted oil and gas drilling business. With 15,300 employees and operations in 29 countries around the world, there are many moving parts to manage.

Anthony Petrello was not a newcomer to Nabors when he was appointed CEO. His story begins at Yale University where he completed a BS and MS in mathematics. He then went on to complete his JD at Harvard Law. With two Ivy League diplomas in hand, Baker & McKenzie, a prestigious law firm, quickly recruited him in 1979. Seven years later, Anthony Petrello, was the managing partner of the firms New York City office. Then in 1991, Nabors Industries lured him away to become the firm’s president and COO. Ultimately he became CEO in 2011 and was voted chairman of Nabors’ board of directors in 2012.

As chairman and CEO, Mr. Petrello is responsible for charting a strategic path for the company. Thus far his initiatives have allowed the company to grow and increase its earnings. They have accomplished that by exploiting the latest technology. Nabors, under CEO Petrello, has developed new highly efficient methods for operating its fleet of over 500 oil rigs. These innovations include automation that has reduced the risk and incidence of serious accidents. Anthony Petrello’s keen ability to analyze and address the inefficiencies he identified at Nabors’ has culminated in a leaner operation. Profits rose accordingly, as did Mr. Petrellos performance-based compensation package. In 2014 AP placed Mr. Petrello at the top of its list of the highest-paid CEOs. That year Mr. Petrello earned $68 million, mostly from stock options and performance bonuses.