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In New York, there are many reasons why people require the assistance of a good lawyer from time to time. They may have certain issues that they are dealing with, like divorces, employment problems or other types of problems that require the representation from a lawyer. When they find themselves in need of an attorney, they may look through the Yellow Pages, the Internet or other means to find a good lawyer. In many cases, they will ask people that they know if they are aware of a good attorney that handles the cases that they require representation with.

Many People Refer Ross Abelow As A Good Lawyer To Others

When a person uses Ross Abelow for an attorney, they are able to recommend him to others that they know. This is because they find that Ross Abelow is easy to talk with, gathers information well and represents his clients clearly and concisely on the stand. For these reasons, many people tell others that he is worth pursuing to represent them when they are in need.

What Are Ross Abelow’s Credentials?

Ross Abelow has been practicing law for over 20 years. He acquired his undergraduate degree from NYU displaying a high interest in law. After graduation, he went on to the Brooklyn School of Law to enter the field that that he always dreamed of. In the year 1990, he opened the company, Abelow & Cassandro, Llp to practice his specialties. His specialties include family, matrimonial, litigation and commercial law. Since he has an enormous amount of experience in all of these, he is adept at handling complex and intricate cases in these particular areas.

When first enlisting the help of Ross Abelow, people will find that he is easy to talk to because of his quiet demeanor. They can be open and honest with him, and tell him the details of the situation at hand. Ross Abelow has excellent communication skills that allow others to feel comfortable with him as he proceeds to formulate a case for them that can be won in a court of law.

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