Brian Bonar: Nearly 30 Years Strong

When you have done something for nearly thirty years, chances are that you have done a pretty good job at it. If not, they would have found someone to replace you or hired someone else. Brian Bonar has stayed in professional management in the financial sector for almost thirty years, and he wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world. It brings him great joy, excitement, and passion.

If you ask him, he still gets as much joy out of it today as he did when he first started. It means something to him and it puts a fire in his belly every single morning when he wakes up. The fact it can still do that, nearly thirty years later, that says a lot.

Without passion, your job performance is slowed down and people can tell by your work. With Brian’s work, it has only improved. He is what I like to call a sponge. He likes to absorb as much information as possible and in his mind, there is no such thing as too much information and you can never learn too much information. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

There is always more information out to be gathered and more people to learn from. There is always someone that knows more than you and that is OK. Part of the fun is learning from them as they learn from you at the same time.

Recently, he received an award that just proves that all of his time doing this job has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. He received the Cambridge Who’s Who® Executive of the Year in Finance for his work as Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation.

They take three things into consideration when handing out this award: leadership, academic achievements, and professional achievements. Brian Bonar is most proud that they have seen his leadership skills as this something that he takes a tremendous amount of pride in, as he used to have leaders and mentors and now he wants to be a leader and a mentor to young people. He wants to show them the ropes and show them how things are done.

According to XRepublic and Spokeo, Brian Bonar loves passing out information to people that want to learn from him. He feels like he has a lot to offer because of his experience and he knows sometimes people might be afraid to approach him. Because of this, sometimes he will come up to someone and offer advice and it really makes their day.

When you have someone of his stature reaching out to you, talking to you, and guiding you, it shows that he knows the impact he has on people and he doesn’t take it lightly. He is a true leader in every single sense of the word.