IDLife, A Great Wellness Company

IDLife is a wellness and health company that was founded by Logan Stout. Health and wellness companies are essential in today’s world considering a large amount of people are considered obese. With obesity comes along with numerous health problems. Because of this more people, especially Americans, have been becoming more conscious when it comes to their health. Many people have been turning to vitamins and supplements to become healthier and more fit Stout and IDLife has created health supplements to help their customer’s over all health and wellbeing.

Stout has a strong understanding on health, nutrition, and wellness which is why he created IDLife. There are too many supplements in the world that are “one pill or drink fits all”. Stout understand that every person is different which means every person’s body will have a different need health wise. IDLife has the supplement industry shock because IDLife personalizes supplements for each different person. The type of supplement a person may receive depends on their overall health, vitamin deficiencies, fitness and health goals, and any special health conditions.

IDLife has been proven to be effective by scientist. Before distributing IDLife, the company had its supplements tested in many clinical trails. There are also different medical journals that were written for IDLife’s products. In the end, their products were named safe and effective by clinical professionals.

Not only is Stout a businessman, but he is an athlete as well. He is also very educated. Stout earned his Associates degree in business from Panola College. He then went on to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Dallas. IDLife is the perfect business for Stout to own because he works very closely with athletes. He is the founder of Dallas Patriots baseball team. In this position, he coaches and mentors the children who are a part of the organization.

Stout is also a very humane entrepreneur. After Hurricane Harvey Stout completed great deeds to insure that Harvey’s victims were more comfortable. Many volunteers dropped off blankets, pallets, and toiletries off at his office. Logan made sure that all materials were delivered to the Hurricane’s survivors. After the deed was completed Logan was extremely excited. He stated that this tasks made him feel complete and alive. Logan is a great businessman, entrepreneur, and example to everyone watching!

The company is lead by great leaders and great investors which is what keeps the business running successfully!

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Samuel Strauch’s Accomplishments as a Real Estate Agent

Samuel Strauch is a renowned expert in the U.S real estate industry. He schooled the Hempstead, New York-based Hofstra University. Strauch also attended Harvard University and Erasumus University in Holland. He once worked as a banker and got sufficient experience in finance world. After a while, Samuel started working as an agent for his family’s real estate company in South Florida. He spent 14 years as serving as a licensed real estate agent before establishing his own business, Metrik Real Estate. Metrik acts as a real estate agency, and its main offices are located in South Beach, Florida. The entrepreneur has been registered to work as a real estate broker in South Florida and Latin America. He has built an excellent reputation due to his ability to the sell condominiums and homes to his clients in a timely way.

Strauch is the current head of the Metrik Real Estate, and he has been regarded as one of Miami Beach’s top real estate agents. He has focused on representing individual who would like to acquire different types of properties. Metrik Real Estate is more than just an agency. The firm has a unique and creative platform that is made up of management, development, equity sourcing, and buying properties. Its outstanding approaches have enabled to it to experience tremendous growth in the industry.

According to the businessman, he decided to start the real estate company after noticing the high demand for housing that was being caused by the rising population in Miami. Strauch had traveled a lot in Latin America and had developed relationships with several potential investors and potential clients. This enabled him to grow his firm. Metrik Real Estate is determined to understand the trends in the sector for it to fulfill the need of its clients. The company also takes part in a variety of business opportunities that deal with innovative real estates and hospitality. Metrik Real Estate aims at offering clients modern housing.

Samuel is a critical thinker and has established his agency to deal with a wide array of issues in the real estate sector. Apart from his love for real estate, he is a photography and art enthusiast. The businessman owns a personal blog that focuses on his adventures as a traveler in Tibet. The blog contains a couple of the pictures of Tibetan Buddhist monks. Strauch is also a passionate investor in different internet-based businesses and restaurants.

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Ideamensch Interviews Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna is a graduate of Tulane University’s Medical school. He is the founder of two healthcare businesses called ShapeMed and OVME. Dr. McKenna also served as the director of Life Time Fitness Inc. for several years.

In addition to his medical businesses, Mark McKenna had several real estate development companies including McKenna Venture Investments, Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. Mark is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana and has served on city boards such as the Industrial Development Board and the Jazz Festival board.

The first question given to Dr. McKenna was how he came up with the idea to start OVME. Mark said that after working for over a decade in the medical aesthetics industry, he noticed many new opportunities in the field. The time was ripe for him to renter the field and disrupt it with new ideas.

Next, Ideamensch asked Dr. Mark McKenna how a typical day looks for him and what does he do to make it more productive. Mark says he wakes up around 6:30 A.M., wakes up his daughter and together they have breakfast while his wife is still asleep. After they are finished eating, Mark says he likes to take a shower and then head to work at around 8 in the morning.

His work day lasts usually until 6 P.M. and he heads straight home to have dinner with his family. After he has finished eating dinner with his wife and kid, he says he goes to Jiu-Jitsu training, which is a form of martial arts. Mark says he likes to train until 9 in the evening. After completing his martial arts training, Mark McKenna says he returns home and gets back to work until he falls asleep.

Ideamensch inquired how Mark McKenna brings his ideas to life. Dr. McKenna responded by saying that he uses the power of visualization and periodic goal setting to help him bring his ideas to fruition. Mark also says that he tries to mediate once a day and it also helps. The combination of meditation and active goal setting really helps bring forth ideas says Dr. McKenna.

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