How Fabletics Can Get the Perfect Outfit

Since Fabletics is so dedicated to their customers, they want to make sure they are getting the gear that will perfectly suit their needs. They also want to make sure their customers know what they’re doing so they don’t have to worry about the issues that are coming from the different opportunities they have. Fabletics likes to give people what they are looking for and likes to make sure they are getting more out of the business they have created for other people. As long as there are things they can do, Fabletics knows what will make it better on their customers. They have tried to show people how things will change and have tried to give them what will make things easier on them. As long as they have done business, Fabletics knows they will be able to try things the right way.


For Fabletics, this is how they are going to start taking on bigger companies. Right now, they are competing against Amazon. If they are able to go up against Amazon, they’ll need to make sure things are going to work for their company. One thing they have that Amazon doesn’t is the Lifestyle Quiz. When their customers take this required quiz, Fabletics will learn much more about them than they would from them just shopping.


The Lifestyle Quiz gives insight to what the customers want and what they’re looking for while they’re shopping. It also helps them realize they are going to make more opportunities for themselves so they can try their best at different things. The Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz is comprehensive in that it helps them make the right clothing choices and helps the stylists know what they are looking for. If they can create several outfits and put them in a reverse showroom, the customers will have a better chance of finding an outfit they love.


As long as Fabletics knows what they are doing and as long as they are capable of continuing to provide their customers with the things they like, they know what to do. They’ll keep giving people the things that will help them and all of that will go back to the right way to run a business. Even when Fabletics is doing their best to give people new opportunities, they have to use the stylists and the Lifestyle Quiz to be able to do that on their own.

Fabletics: Empowering Women in Today’s Fashion World

Growing a business to a $250 million dollar business in three years from the bottom is not easy. This is exactly what Kate Hudson’s Fabletics did. How did they do it? They hear and react to what their members are saying and making sure they keep up with what they are currently obsessed with in this market.


This is all due to customer reviews and customer service experience. Fabletics knows that their members are what is going to make the brand grow and nothing else. This strategy seems to work, as Fabletics is currently opening more physical stores is year to join the sixteen already operating in locations such as Hawaii, Illinois, Florida, and California.


Fabketics also thinks they have been so successful because of their membership model. A member gets items they love and it is all personalized for much less than some of their high end competitors. It is easy to please their customers by getting to know them and what they like as far as fashion.


Fabletics also encourages reverse showrooming. This is where a member can shopping either online or in stores and have the power to purchase this item on either platform. If a member tries on an item in store, that items automatically placed into their online shopping cart and online profile. Most of the retail store shoppers are either members of Fabletics or leave the store as a member. This strategy gives them a strong leverage in comparison to their online competitors. Also, Fabletics pays attention to online data to make sure their members always have what they are wanting. These strategies have definitely helped Fabletics be a competitor to the likes of a company such as Amazon, and they will continue using these strategies to continue their growth in the coming years.


Kate Hudson is cofounder to company Fabletics which specializes in fashion forward athletic wear for women. The company is about empowering women and inspiring them to be the best they can be and feel good about what they are wearing at affordable prices. No matter what size or shape, there is an outfit waiting for you at Fabletics online or retails stores.

Kate Hudson and Fabletics Expansion

Athleisure apparel is clothing that any person can wear around while doing errands, caring for children or working out at the gym. Fabletcs is co-owned by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. As a busy mom who tries to stay fit, Kate noticed that most quality athletic clothing was quite pricey and out of reach for some moms. With average yoga pants from famous brands costing up to $250 a pair, Kate saw an opening in the athletic clothing Market. It was Kate’s goal to design high quality and comfortable athletic attire that was also cost effective and easy to access. Recognizing that not everyone has time to go shopping in a store resulted in this mostly internet based clothing store.


Fabletics is designed as an e-commerce clothing company. Women create accounts and can become VIP members which will allow them even deeper discounts on athletic clothing. While membership is not required it is beneficial. Every month a wardrobe is selected that meets each individual customers fashion and lifestyle needs. Most monthly fabletic packages contain a top, bra and bottoms. Monthly clothing shipments start at $49.


While Amazon holds the marketplace in most online shopping, Kate Hudson is a leading figure recognized by women all over the world. Her fame has drawn women in to the Fabletic brand making them a recognizable force in the internet shopping industry. Fabletics does have 18 store fronts but most of the customers who shop in store are already existing internet shoppers. Most customers who shop at a fabletics store front and have not shopped online end up purchasing more fabletics clothing online in the future.


With expansion at the heart of progression, Fabletics recently launched a mens line of athletic wear. Kate’s brother Oliver is the main spokesman for the mens line. Additionally, the fabletics womens line expanded to offer dresses and swimwear. Each year fabletics revenue increases by thirty five percent. This has created a net value of just over $250 million since its launch three years ago. In addition to the few store fronts and expanse ecommerce shopping featured; in 2016 Fabletics announced they are hoping to open up to 100 near brick and mortar store fronts in shopping malls across the country within the next three years.