Is OSI Group The Solution In Food Services

There are numerous food suppliers in society today, and these suppliers are located on just about every continent. Unfortunately, all food suppliers aren’t created equally. Some of the most popular retailors receive their food products from the same supplier. Most people tend to think that every grocery store or restaurant has its own special farm that supplies it with food. Yes, there are some retailors that have invested in growing their foods, but the vast majority of these businesses don’t have the luxury of doing so. OSI Group of Aurora, Illinois, has set the precedent in this category, and it has reshaped the environment of the whole industry.

This company is on another level, especially when it comes to food services. Unlike other companies, OSI Group develops, processes, manages and distributes custom food solutions. These innovative products are great tasting, and they’re made via the clients’ strict instructions. Each and every client will work hand-to-hand with OSI Group during this process. This action drastically cuts down on the mistakes among the products at hand. The food staff here is very educated thanks to their global and real world knowledge of diverse foods. The company’s facilities are high-quality and there are up to 65 in total. That’s right! OSI Group has up to 65 facilities that span across 17 nations. When it comes to distribution, the company is very efficient in getting the products to its clients in a timely fashion. In today’s competitive world, getting the food products to the masses is crucial. This is why OSI Group’s global manufacturing network is one of the best.

This company keeps expanding via acquisitions. In 2016, OSI Group bought Tyson Foods’ former plant for $7.4 million. This 200,000 square-foot facility is very close to the company’s other facilities in the Chicago area. OSI’s Spokeswoman Alison Kovaleski stated that “the acquisition has strengthened the infrastructure to support business growth.” After the acquisition, OSI was able to retain about 250 of the plant’s employees. The company also controls stake at BAHO Food, which is a privately-held Dutch company that has up to 60 years of food service success.

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