Orange Coast College Pirates Go to Nationals

The Orange College crew team will be headed to nationals on May 27th and May 28th in Gainesville, Georgia thanks to their dedication and hard work. Competing against boys that are a couple of years older in 4 year colleges doesn’t intimidate the Orange Coast College crew team, though. As OCC competes against 40 other schools at nationals, they’ll be sure to give it their full effort the full 2000 meters. Learn more about Orange Coast College:

With a strong rowing history and a current team with lots of strength and potential, the aptly nicknamed “Giant Killer” team will strive to live up to their name and make their fellow Orange Coast College students proud to be Pirates.

Located in Costa Mesa near southern California, Orange Coast College is a community college that transforms their eager young students and athletes into OCC Pirates with adept skills and plenty of potential. Over 25,000 students are enrolled per semester, and OCC is proud to maintain a very high transfer rate to University of California and California State University schools.

Students here learn dedication to hard work and mature into smart young minds before they go out into the world. Over 135 academic and career programs are available to students to satisfy their curiosity and prepare them for their future goals and dreams.

Orange Coast College also has competitive and exciting athletic programs. Students take their Pirate Pride to football games, regattas, basketball games and several other sporting events. The Orange Coast College crew team has been around for more than 60 years, and has since captured 11 national titles. 10 of OCC’s crew members have gone on to participate in the Olympics and world championships.

As a team with a successful and exciting history, the crew team will continue to extend their legacy in national titles through high expectations and superb diligence. Orange Coast College inspires dedication to success both on and off the water, and they will continue to do so for many years to come.

Learn more about Orange Coast College: