Bustle.com Writer Takes Her Test Of Wen By Chaz To Her Shower

We rarely see a writer take a product to their shower, take pictures and post the result on facebook. But, we have that here with a writer from Bustle. She decided that she could not write a real review of Wen by Chaz if she did not take the review to her shower. She took pictures of the event, and she explained how Wen by Chaz worked in the moment.

Wen hair is a shampoo that has a built in conditioner, but it is a marketing behemoth that even the remote nations in the world have heard of. Anyone who goes online for more than a few seconds will see an ad for Wen hair by Chaz Dean, and that means the company has customers all over the place. It is no wonder that a writer took the shampoo into her shower and took pictures.

WEN Hair is supposed to help women stop their hair from shedding, and the writer at Bustle said that she had that problem for years. Her really thin blonde locks are even shown sitting on the bottom of the shower. She wanted to make sure that the review was real, and she followed the instructions on the package to the letter.

It is a lot of shampoo compared to what Wen by Chaz wants, but it worked. Her hair looked really good, and she was able to blow it dry. She even took a picture of the bottom of the shower where there is no shed hair. WEN did exactly what it set out to do.

Visit his website : http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html