George Soros Ready to promote Democracy and Transparency in Societies

The businessperson and philanthropist George Soros has once again based his trust in a political leader. He has recently contributed to the kitty of Hillary Clinton in her campaigns as the next president of the United States of America. He has been involved in donating to such political camps in the recent past, but he has always felt let down.

George Soros believes that such a decision will instill freedom and justice in the society. The Open Society has in the recent past been targeted by ill-motivated individuals. The latest attempt was the impersonation of a Conservative activist, John O’Keefe, who tried to enter the group to seek some information. A call directed to Dana Geraghty that was not received reveals his intentions in the voice mail that were later forwarded top Chris Stone.

The Open Society Foundation President Chris Stone has termed the attempt to be ridiculous. He has however called for due diligence when sharing information with other people. The group is dedicated to serving all people in equal measures.

He is an adamant supporter of democracy and transparency and equal treatment in the society. He is the chair and founder of Soros Funds Management and Open Society Foundation. He is entirely focused on improving the humanitarian conditions among the oppressed in the society. He attributes his success in independence in his business, and that is the reason he is ready to speak his mind without feeling intriguing into other people’s rights.

George Soros has been fighting for the better coexisting in the society. Since founding Open Society Foundation in 1979, he has been in the forefront of fighting injustices and promoting a community that is open to all suggestions and also considerate of the rest of the people in the society. Soros began his Foundation in Hungary where he was born, and he was fighting to break the communist party using the information he accessed.
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Soros was involved in distributing photocopiers to universities, libraries and civil society groups in the country. His work created a democratic government and increased more open societies in the country and who later spread to most countries under the Soviet Union. Before the Berlin Wall was fallen, he had managed to establish more new foundations that were based in Poland and Russia. Such initiatives made the people tolerant of other people’s views.

George Soros by using his Open Society Foundation has improved how governance is being conducted in the society. He helped train a new generation of economic and political leaders by founding the Central European University. It was set up in 1991 to be used as a center to conduct research and policy analysis that promotes the ideologies of operating in an open and democratic society.

The foundation also helped in supporting education programs from early childhood to the university level. The organization is currently operating in more than 100 countries and has increased the awareness of humanitarian support and creating democratic governments in the world. Soros’s Open Society Foundation will continue to improve transparency and offer research in regards to better governance. See:

Thor Halvorssen On Bernie Sanders

During the 2016 Presidential Election, social issues have emerged with which many of us are completely unfamiliar. Those who are familiar with these issues want to stand before the nation and tell them that it is not as simple as it is made out to be. Economics is complicated. It is not as simple as saying that rich people have to much money and poor people do not have enough. In this video, Thor Halvorssen did just that. While he sympathizes with the objection that some people really are greedy, he thinks that socialism does not offer any plausible solutions to this problem.

Redistribution of Wealth
Suppose you were to encounter a very rich man. He or she went to school for years and became a doctor. Accordingly, he or she could buy anything that he wanted. On the other hand, you are struggling to get by. You barely have enough money for groceries and your rent. Do you have the right to approach that individual and demand that he give you a portion of his income? Are you entitled to 10 percent of the doctor’s income, just because you are struggling? Of course not. He went to medical school and earned his high-paying career as a doctor. The fact that somebody is rich does not entitle you to a portion of their income. That is precisely what redistribution of wealth proposes. Halvorssen rejects that model.

A further problem with redistribution of wealth is that the rich people eventually run out of money. You cannot tax them indefinitely. This egalitarian tax may be a temporary solution, but it will cause a lot of long-term problems. For when the rich run out of money, who do you need to begin taxing? You begin taxing those who are a little less rich. Then you slide down through the classes until the poor are being taxed as much as the rich.

According to this article from Huffington Post, Thor Halvorssen offers a sobering criticism of this model. Criticism of socialism really has not received enough media attention. When a rational person, such as Thor Halvorssen, presents this material, it is difficult to ignore.

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