Securus Technologies, the Giant Prison Technology.

Technology is taking over every aspect of our lives; from the way we communicate, the medicines we take, the vehicles we drive and so much more. However, little did I know that the civil and criminal justice department was not left behind in all these, I guess because I am a law-abiding citizen, Isn’t it? Criminal investigations are no longer the lengthy, tedious processes that could see you up and down the corridors of justice. So who did the magic?


Securus Technologies is a prison technology company that is taking over the civil and criminal justice sector. Application of this technology has seen the success of numerous aspects of security such as connecting friends and families to prisoners, helping in investigations and connecting the inmates themselves. Several prisons in the United States, public safety and other agencies concerned with the creation of a safe environment depend on Securus Technologies. It is not only efficient and reliable but also simple and readily available.


From the numerous reviews, I found, several jail officials and other security agencies testify of a vast improvement on their services all thanks to this high technology. Investigation processes that would typically take a long time are now done so fast with Securus technology. An example is one jail official who was tasked to investigate a crime. He applied this technology to listen to the inmate talking with a close family and being coached on the answers to give upon questioning. This information made his investigations quick and so easy. The Securus technology was also applied to curb corruption as an arrest was made easier through the ability of the technology to access phone calls. These are just, but among the few compliments, I managed to read.


Securus Technologies was founded in the late 1980s in Dallas, Texas in the United States. The company has numerous contracts with correctional facilities in US and Canada and employs over 1000 people. It has heavily invested in technology and is in the continuous move to make its technology even better. I was surprised to find that Securus Technologies provides a new technology every week to curb crimes.



Securus Technologies – Ensuring Law Enforcement have Advanced Technology at their Disposable

Securus Technologies has helped modernize the incarceration experience to a great extent in the last few years. There are many new services offered by the company such as video services, phone services, photo sharing services, money transfer services, and more. The company has a very straightforward approach in the inmate communication field and wants to ensure that the prisoners are able to communicate with their loved ones with the use of technology. There are many different types of services Securus Technologies offer in the crime prevention world as well, which includes the two most popular service named Investigation PRO and LBS.


Securus Technologies wants to keep its business mechanism transparent for its investors and customers. It is for this reason the company released a series of comments taken from the letters sent by the law enforcement officials. The press release clearly showcases the impact of the company’s services in the correctional sphere, and how it is helping the police and law enforcement officials to perform their duty much more efficiently. The company also focuses on customer service and recently was given the Gold Stevie Award, which is one of the most prestigious awards in the corporate sector.


I find the services offered by Securus Technologies useful and efficient as a law enforcement official. The company’s services such as LBS and Investigation PRO helps in ensuring that the law enforcement officials have the information needed to catch the culprits before any crime is committed. In many cases, it helps in catching the drug peddlers and weapon suppliers, which helps in building safer communities. I hope that Securus Technologies continues to develop new and innovative products and services for the betterment of correctional sphere. It helps the prisoners as well as the law enforcement officials and is a must in today’s highly advanced technological era.


Securus Technologies – Providing Highly Advanced And Life Changing Technology For Inmates

Technology is playing a pivotal role in just about every industry, and it is no different in the field of prison telecommunications and criminal justice sphere. The market leader in this sector in the United States is Securus Technologies, which has also won the Gold Stevie Award for the best sales and customer service. The company won the award by beating over 2,300 other companies from different sectors from across the globe. The company offers a broad range of products and services to make the prison environment safer and help the law enforcement agencies to perform their duties better.



Securus Technologies is confident about its products and services, which is why in a recent press release; the company release a bunch of letters and comments by its customers, which elaborates on how the company’s services have been instrumental in their lives and duties, whether it is an inmate or a law enforcement officer. Securus Technologies has invested billions of dollars in the research and development and launches a new products or services for the correctional space every couple of week, which is an achievement in itself.



A press release was recently published by the company recently, in which it showcases many of the letters and comments from the users of its products and services, starting from inmates to the law enforcement and police officers. In the press release, the company also offered an open invitation to the investors as well as customers, existing as well as potential, to visit its Technology Center situated in Dallas, Texas.



The company takes pride in being one of the most transparent companies in the field of prison communication and criminal justice technology and has a broad range of products and services to offer in the correctional space. It continues to develop new products and services to continue to have the edge over its customers.

Securus Technologies launches Video Visitation Systems

Securus Technologies, a company founded about three decades ago, has launched video visitation systems in prisons that will enable incarcerated parents to take their kids through their homework. The inmates’ communication provider has yet again proved its dominance in the industry and its ability to remain miles ahead of its rivals in producing innovative products.


The video visitation systems have been tipped to enhance the relationship between inmates and their families back home. If a parent is incarcerated, Securus has decided to ensure that he or she can still interact with his or her children at home. This means that parents will be able to be part of their children’s development by being able to participate in such issues such as education and career advancement while still in prison. `


Considering that an inmate will be able to help his or children with their homework, it is expected that the video visitation systems will help inmates to conform easily to the desired social traits. The systems are among the many technological advancements that Securus Technologies has introduced to correctional facilities in a bid to make them better and more efficient at rehabilitating inmates.



The video visitation has been lauded for exceeding industry expectations by enabling inmates to not only communicate with their relatives but can also to become involved in parts of their lives.


Securus has remained committed to selling high-quality services that have seen it rise to become the leading company receiving A+ ratings from reviewers for being the best in the industry. The company has been able to maintain its status for many years due to its ability to attract highly skilled engineers, communication experts, and other technical experts.


The A+ rating received by Securus Technologies signifies that the agencies and inmates using their services are highly satisfied with the firm’s products and services. The company’s reputation as the preferred service provider across US correctional facilities is testament to the company’s ability to keep its promise to its customers.


In 2016, Securus Technologies set aside an estimated $600 million to finance more technological innovations for their prisons’ communication systems. In addition to the big investments, Securus’ management has also been strategically acquiring tech organizations like JPay with the aim of improving its technological capabilities. The acquisition of the tech firms is a strategic move that has helped Securus to make innovative technological products that address diverse needs of the civil and criminal justice agencies.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.