<strong>US Health Group – Anywhere, Anytime</strong> US Health Group – Anywhere, Anytime


US Health Group based in Dallas, Texas was created for doctors and other medical professionals to find services for their patients with Physician Owned Companies. The services available are outstanding and quickly serve the needs of patients within their coverage areas.

Accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2013, they are constantly changing and improving to offer the best combination of patient care resources for health professionals. US Health has received 4.06 out of a top 5 rating. You can visit their website for more information . Read their News pages for articles about the most current issues for doctors and patients.

The Mission

Their mission is HOPE. Helping Other People Everyday is more than just a symbolic word – it is a commitment to make a positive difference in peoples lives everyday. Serving more than 15 million customers with more than 50 years of combined knowledge and experience they can offer affordable and reliable care. HOPE combines donations of time, money and labor in local communities in times of need such as after Hurricane Katrina and other disasters.

Becoming a Member of their Network

By logging into their network, you can easily set up a request for a personal quote which even offers vision and dental care and other options. Browse through their services and select the ones that will make the most sense for your family.

Rates and Coverage

As mentioned already, coverage options will vary according to personal preferences and budget, but here are some basic figures to give you an idea. These are based on a Premium Level 1 at age 42.

Individual Plan $136 per month

Married Couple Plan $274 per month

Family Plan $388 per month

All include a 15 month rate lock and first dollar benefits, no calendar year deductible and a Short Term Insurability Rider that is guaranteed. The US Health Group even offers MedGuard, a 5 year, renewable term life insurance policy. Limitations and exclusions may apply.

What Next?

We hope you will take a look at our webpages and request a quote whether you are buying health insurance for the first time or looking for a change. Our job is to make your happy and healthy lifestyle a priority at a reasonable price with the best services and experience. Here is our website again for your convenience.