Discounts and Social Networking

The world is full of costly activities that is only increasing as inflation continues to make ground in the United States and abroad. In order to try and combat these rising costs entrepreneurial genius Billy McFarland has created a very interesting product that will help to diminish prices. This product is a small metal card that acts in the same way as a credit card, called Magnises.

Magnises is interesting in that when it is used to make a payment for a service rendered it automatically discounts a certain amount of money off of the overall price.

The card is linked to a member bank account and can be used in a multitude of different situations, such as restaurants, bars and events such as concerts and cruises. This is important for general consumers when it comes to saving money, and it is ideal for use within the business environment.

McFarland has created in essence a way for businessmen and entrepreneurs to save money on overhead costs. In many situations in order to build a business one needs to provide meetings in to build a strong Unity between consumers, customer base and potential business partners.

These types of meetings can prove to be very costly, and discounted prices on these items can make the difference of whether or not more success can occur. Magnises provides a way for businessmen to save a lot of money on these meetings and in doing so they can have more meetings to build their client base exponentially.

This concept is ideal in a changing world, where globalization and new forms of marketing and business relations are the keys for success.

According to Bloomberg, New companies can take advantage of this card, becoming a member of the service that Billy MacFarland has created and reaping the rewards as a result. It is highly recommended to take a look at this service which can be seen as both a way to get discounted prices and as a social network.