Taking the Entertainment Industry to another Level – Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is the Founder, and the Executive Chairman of Podcastone announces Beyond the Darkness which is their new project. Podcastone is one of the leading and the largest America’s adverting company which is fully supported by Podcast networks. Beyond the Darkness is the latest show on WWE on Chris Jericho’s podcast network, which is under the Podcastone projects. The show will feature primary feature on bringing entertaining conversant ions with the world’s researchers and experimenters, and they will be teaching and challenging the world on issues concerning ghosts, monsters, angels, demons, aliens, miracles as well as mysteries.

The Podcastone show will be hosted by the author who is also a radio host Dave Schrader, and his co-host will be radio producer w ho is also a radio host Tim Dennis. The advertisement company plans to be releasing new episodes every Monday and people can view the show on iTunes, the Podcastone app and Podcastone.com. The founder of Podcast Norman said that his organization chooses Chris because he has distinguished himself as one of the Podcastone charms. He did not forget to mention that when Jericho began his Jericho Network Collection, it was clear that it will go beyond wrestling. Mr. No5rman knows for sure that Chris Jericho will take Podcastone to a mystic with Beyond the Darkness.

Chris Jericho mentioned that he was reserved to add Beyond the Darkness podcast into his network. He was also glad that he would be working hand in hand with one of the top radio presenters Denis and Dave whom he trusts will bring with them a huge fanbase who he is certain confidence and believes in them and the subject they will be discussing. Chris Jericho knows f or sure that Beyond the Darkness will expand.

Norman Pattiz is the founder and the Executive Chairman of Podcastone Networks a position he has been holding since June 23, 2016. Pattiz had served as the Chief Executive Officer until June 23, 2016. Before he founded Podcastone, Mr. Norman was a consultant at Westwood One Inc from August 2010. Norman Pattiz had established Westwood One Inc in 1974, and he served as the Chief Executive Officer of the organization. Norman is a renowned leader and has been serving as the President of Broadcast Education Association; he also acts as a member and chairman of the University of California.

Norman Pattiz has a vast experience in the entertainment and advertisement industry. Mr. Norman has also served in various institutions as a board member including Los Alamos National Laboratory, as the Chairman of the Board of Governors, the Chairman of Alamos National Security, LLC, Lawrence Livermore National Security LLC, and he is also the President of the Regent of the University of California.

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