QNet Reflects Direct Selling and Charitable Success

QNet has done well for a lot of people. Entrepreneurs looking to make supplemental or full-time earnings have found working with the company to be a joy. Buyers have been thrilled with the purchases of various products and services from the company. And those in need of charitable help are thrilled that QNet, the Hong Kong-based direct selling giant, is heavily involved with charitable causes. A working relationship with Lions Clubs International has allowed QNet to support scores of charities across the globe.

QNet’s growth has captured a lot of media attention over the philanthropic work performed over the past few years. The news stories about the charitable duties have helped cast a bright light on the business endeavors.

QNet is a direct selling company. The business model it offers is far more preferable to many people than a network marketing pyramid approach. QNet has had to invest a lot of publicity into making sure potential partners know it is not a MLM endeavor and, to a great degree, QNet has been successful. The company has grown immensely in 16 years, has offices in 25 countries, and has a presence in over 100 global territories. Recently, QNet has strategically grown its presence in India. The emerging economy of India should prove to be very helpful to QNet and affiliated partners.

QNet is proud of a number of factors that have helped the company succeed. Being very deliberate in the process of developing products and services is one. Putting all products and services through a serious testing program is another.