Traveling Vineyard Believes That Wine-tasting Comes Ahead Of Wine-Shopping

Based in Ipswich in Massachusetts, Traveling Vineyards has been treating its clients to some of the best wine experiences in the world for the last 16 years. The firm brought a new, exciting, and innovative wine-tasting marketing strategy that has since revolutionized the wine industry globally. Traveling Vineyard was founded on the concept of first having clients taste the wine before making purchases so that they can make their decisions from an informed point of view.

The Whole New Sensation

The concept of Traveling Vineyard was met with a great reception from wine lovers. This reception grew to friendship and later metamorphosed into a lasting client relationship. As the company grew, it hired wine guides who have been working to reveal the whole wine experience. The guides visit homes to make free demonstrations and hold educative sessions to Traveling Vineyard’s clients about new trends within the wines industry. The sessions are not only educative but also entertaining for the wine guides are trained to give customers a long-lasting experience.

Benefits of Being a Wine Guide

Working as a wine guide under Traveling Vineyard is fun, convenient, and self-satisfying. Unlike most white-collar jobs when employees operate on a set schedule, Traveling Vineyard give its wine guides the freedom to work when convenient. The guides operate on an independent schedule. When it comes to salaries and remunerations, the guides earn on a flexible payment plan that rewards hard work than how other jobs do. The guides are trained, mentored, and given online guidance from experts at the company on a regular basis to ensure that they work best for mutual benefits.

Social Media Presence

Traveling Vineyard has embraced the social media marketing strategy. The company manages a Twitter account under the handle @TravelinVinyard. The handle has more than 2000 followers, most of whom are clients and potential clients, and has made over 2000 tweets. The tweets convey messages regarding wines and the company at large, with pictures of sweet-appearing bottles of wine dominating the timeline. The same kind of posts can be seen on the company’s Facebook page.

Why You Should Give The Traveling Vineyard Business Idea A Try

The world of work has changed a lot from the traditional job at the office desk. Nowadays, it is possible to work from the comfort of your home and earn as much if not more than those that hold office jobs. One of the commodities that is selling in this MLM model is wine.

The Traveling Vineyard is a business initiative that makes it possible to sell wine without having to go through the major retail outlets or even open a physical shop for the same. Below are reasons to give the traveling vineyard business model a try.

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You will get to determine your own working hours. The business model does not have a fixed time schedule when you can go to work. The important thing is to make sure that when a delivery is requested for by a client, it is made on time as this is what will earn you the trust of the customers. If you have other responsibilities such as school, a full time job or are a mother, it is a business idea that is worth a try.

The organization of the business makes it possible to climb from one level of success to the other. The important thing is to make sure that you have adopted smart marketing strategies. When you put in effort and manage to make good sales, you will be in a position to get to the next level. The products on sale include red wines, white wines, sweet and fizzy wines and also wine drinking accessories such as decanters and chillers for the wine.

To join the movement, you only need to contribute $174. There are of course benefits that come at every level of achievement. When you get $750 in sales within two months, you get an electric wine opener. When you hit the $1400 mark in sales, you get a bonus $50 and many other rewards that make the business worth a try.

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How The British Vintners help people to choose wine

When it comes to taking wine, drinking and tasting are two sides of the same coin. Drinking wine means that your goal is to enjoy it. However, the prospect of tasting wine is a different kettle of fish. While drinking wine, all you need to do is to sip and enjoy it. Otherwise, when tasting wine, it is critical to have a notebook and a paper where you can record every taste and aroma.

If you want to taste the wine with a certain degree of success, it is critical to have a British vintner by your side. A vintner will help you to understand the vast array of scents, tastes, and aromas and train your taste buds to identify them. Whether you love the red or the white wine, getting these tips from a seasoned connoisseur will work to your advantage.

Red or white
Every bottle of wine, whether red of white has a unique taste. Taste is not an end in itself, but a whole that is determined by the vast array of permutations and combinations of scent and aroma. If you want to learn as much as possible about the wine, experts suggest that you pick your favorite from every category. If you want to choose the best white wine, you will study the hundreds of options in that category and vice versa.

Choose the vineyards as well
The quality of the wine depends on the origin, the climatic conditions, and the nature of the orchards. It is impossible to get good wine from a bad vineyard. Unfortunately, you can still get bad wine from a good vineyard. The quality depends on the expertise of the winemakers. By talking to a British Vintner, you can get plenty of tips on how to choose the best wines for your home cellar.

Grapes and Blends
Tasting wine is critical in understanding its various classifications and nomenclatures, but it is not everything. Wine comes from different grapes from all over the world. Getting the information about the origins of these grapes and the winemaking processes is extremely vital. The British Vintners understand every nuance when it comes to the production of wine. As such, these experts can the flaws that might arise in the winemaking process. Having such knowledge will help you to make the right decisions when selecting wine for a party. Such knowledge will also get you in the right direction when helping your friends to make the right decisions while choosing their favorite wines.