Chris Burch: The Relationship Between Fashion and Technology

The technology industry, like any other fashion industry, has accrued numerous changes over the years of development and civilization. However, there is one constant that remains. Both industries grow at the same pace. They rely on one another for advancements. Over time, technology is integrated to become fashionable, and fashion is made technologically fashionable. The fascinating part of the story is how the two have grown together. A glimpse of the past and present shines a light on what is in the future of the two entities.

There was an air of excitement that was brought about in the dawn of the 70s. This technology allowed us to carry on our stations and tunes. Moreover, we could play music with two cassettes. One was placed at the periphery to play music. The use of this technology, which went into the 80s, saw the addition of the movies in the cassettes. Therefore, one could purchase a better experience in music with the latest technology at that time. The Walkman invention revolutionized the music industry. This saw the use of the tool to carry music wherever you went. For more than 10 years, this experience was made smaller through the use of technology into the iPod. Whatever is considered fashionable, it is made to grow using technology.

According to Chris Burch of Burch Creative Capital, there us a synthesis of fashion and technology happening. Whatever delivers, fashion designers have delighted in creating such solutions to the worldwide markets. The use of technology is highlighting the possibility to create better fashion. There is an inclusion of the highest innovating standards together with functionality. A Dutch fashion designer, Anouk Wipprecht, marries all fashion and technology states to develop high-end solutions. While she goes deeper into technology, she makes better things for her consumers. Endless possibilities are the reward of her art. She has designed dresses for the royal families in the United Kingdom.


While we keep using technology to advance in fashion, she has created a better system that can be work on the neck to protect you from bike injuries. In the occurrence of an accident, you will get better protection from the result of fashion and technology. She explains that a helmet for a cyclist is not pleasing. However, this is the tool that prevents you from dying in the event of an accident. For this reason, technology makes better fashion. You will have a better visibility of the surrounding if you are open.

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