Chronicling Kim Dao’s Visit To The Sakura Spring Festival

Kim Dao is a YouTube star who focuses on beauty and lifestyle subjects. In 2016 she visited the famous Sakura Spring Festival, held when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. During the festival the streets are lined with vendors offering a huge variety of street food that she will show us. Her trip to the festival was sponsored by Odigo Travel.

The first food she shows is grilled corn but soon Kim Dao shows us what a Mandarin Daifuku looks and tastes like, It’s a round sweet bun that has a filling of mandarin oranges. Another treat she shares is a Sakura Dango which are little green, white, and pink balls with a stick through them.

The next street shop that Kim Dao and her friends stop at is one that sells ice cream. This is her first Sakura ice cream and she says she knows what it tastes like based on how it smells. They also get some fruit, like strawberries and apples, that have been covered in candy.

The next stop that Kim Dao wants to show us is Koshiyama Kanseido, which gives you the experience of creating your own Japanese treats. Later in the video, Kim Dao shows us an Ichigo Dora that she bought which is similar to a pancake that is filled with cream. She also gives us a peek at Fuku Usagi which is shaped like a rabbit and has a strong ginger flavor. Kim Dao ends the video on a positive note encouraging people also visit the festival.



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