Climbing the Business Ladder: Kenneth Goodgame’s Journey to the True Value Company

With his bachelor of science degree in Marketing from the University of Tennessee, Kenneth Goodgame set off on his business career. He began climbing up the ladder in 1995 at The Home Depot, moving up from his position as a hardlines D28 product merchant to director of proprietary brands. Following this, Kenneth Goodgame took the next step and became the senior global product merchant in 2001.

Goodgame, a year later, took on a position at Newell Rubbermaid. It was here that Goodgame took a failing department and turned it around. In addition, he brought on great growths in the company which earned him the position of senior vice president of marketing and sales. Yet, Goodgame continued to be inspired in transforming businesses and so he traveled to his next job at Techtronic Industries North America. Here he took on a presidential position from the start and helped transform a $2.5 million loss into a $5 million profit. In 2010, Goodgame brought his expertise to Ace Hardware Corporation where he, as a general merchandising manager, worked to increase annual store openings by 300%.

It was in 2013 that Goodgame brought his expertise to True Value Hardware Corporation. Here he was named Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer. His work so far has included hiring the entirety of the category management team, improved savings from a measly 2% to a healthy 10% annually, began the Pay for Play advertisement and investing program, and much more.

Overtime, Goodgame has established himself as a dominant role in Operations Management. He has shown this with his intelligent business strategies that have shown through in billion dollar OEM excellence. In addition, Goodgame is a driven man who takes on his goals of keeping: a balance in corporate alignment, full employee engagement, and quality and performance advanced and profitable. In all, Goodgame declares, “my extensive experience gives me a veteran’s eye,” which has allowed him to provide an overview of how to work around the market’s shifts and distance companies from tragic mistakes.