Customer Complaints Concerning AdWords Performance and the Solutions

Over the years, clients reach out to White Shark Media with compliments. However, they have also had claims from customers too. It takes patience and time to build a firm from scratch and produce few complaints. At this point, the company believes that they have made their share of mistakes and have suffered for the errors. At the same time, they have enhanced their customer service better than before by learning from the mistakes.

The article explains to potential customers and other agencies the process that White Shark Media has taken. They listen to your complaints and move forward. Below is a list of customer complaints and how White Shark Media has handled them to avoid a repetition of such in the future.

Clients do not know how to track AdWords performance

If you want to achieve success with AdWords, you need to monitor the performance of AdWords account. As a result of that, the firm initiated a process where it can install conversion tracking, Google Analytics and call tracking free of charge. That enables clients to track results for better performance.

Clients complain that most customers come through the phone

Most of the local clients’ customers enquire through the phone. As a way of dealing with that, the firm partnered with Marchex to offer call tracking to all clients who sign up with the company. It is important to track calls; therefore, White Shark Media Complaints team makes it mandatory for all business customers. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints: and

After signing up, clients do not get contact people who meet their needs

It is common in most firms where clients sign up with smooth guys who say good things but after signing up, they cannot relate to its customers. In a bid to help clients through the transition process, consultants follow all customers from initial sign-up to optimization. The experts are always available for queries.

About White Shark Media

White Shark Media are good at AdWords management, and their services will impress you more each day. They are proud Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner. You can benefit from their expertise just like other SMBs. The media firm meets the training and eligibility requirements by Google.

The media company offers experience, expertise and customer service to business owners so that they shift their focus to running their ventures. Their specialized AdWords management solutions are affordable, and communication is done through the phone. Customers can get free AdWords performance evaluation to identify their strengths and weaknesses.