Don Ressler, the Chief Executive Officer of Fabletics and JustFab

Don Ressler is an entrepreneur and the Chief Executive Officer of Fabletics and JustFab Inc. Fabletics athletic apparel and activewear brands were developed in 2013. The company’s e-commerce business model offer specific professional athletic wear fashion. The company offers athleisure clothing and trend lifestyles with many customers preferring the company’s yoga hoodies, pants, jeans, and t-shirts. The company’s items add versatility to busy schedules whilst, maintaining the athleticism workouts feeling.

The Fabletics brand offers current fitness to allow its integration into active wear, and corporate life. The company has enabled the combination of exercises into work day through lunch power sweat working. Fabletics brand has barely matured in the fashion industry, yet it has formed a leading e-commerce fashion-subscription site, with the company already generating multimillion revenues.

Don Ressler, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, believes his company is passionate about fitness. His motivation to set up the business was the idea of living in athletic wear atmosphere. He outlined the business and perceived the tremendous potential in utilizing the market gaps to present fashionable premium yoga pants, and activewear.

Fabletics is a current principal member in the athleisure section, with new brands opening up to the market all seasons. Ressler believes that Fabletics maintains its advantage through the company’s plans to create fashionable-athletic brands. Fabletics Brands consolidate workouts with workday’s premium stylish performance products that come at affordable low prices that leave each customer satisfied.

Don Ressler has announced Fabletics recent launch of the men FL2 line. FL2 clothing will afford fathers the opportunity to coach their kids, before hitting the office in the morning. FL2 clothing has the fabrics technology performance, ensuring comfort, style, and design.

Don Ressler affirmed the company’s decision to expand Fabletics into retail stores. He considers this decision to be motivated by the design to build the businesses on an e-commerce foundation proudly. He devotes to making the online shopping experience stylish, comfortable, and engaging. The Chief Executive also recognizes the needs of shoppers who prefer to shop in traditional stores, and is enthusiastic to introduce them to FL2 and Fabletics.

The company is excited to connect with customers through our stores, and learning more about them through that channel. The Chief Executive Officer believes that his business has built an active online community that the group hopes to turn to its stores. The company also endeavors to embody this community to each store so that shoppers’ interests are reflected through stores’ design, and artwork.