Eric Pulier and the Board of Innovation of X Prize

One thing that can be said for Eric Pulier is that he is not only an entrepreneur, but a problem solver. He also encourages others to come up with innovative solutions to problems that are facing humanity. This is one of the reasons that he serves on the board of innovation for XPRIZE. There are plenty of reasons that he has gained an interest in XPRIZE. While he has started up plenty of businesses that addressed a certain group of people, Eric Pulier has recognized the services that have been brought forth by XPRIZE.

XPRIZE sees power in competition. They also see competition as a major part of the human DNA. They also help people reach their goals with their inventions. One of their philosophies is that people need a target to reach. They say that they will never hit the mark without a target. They allow anyone to come up with a solution. They don’t limit the solutions that they select to people of a certain clique. They welcome all creative and thoughtful minds to contribute. They are always on the look out for some of the greatest minds that have yet to be reached.

Knowing that XPRIZE is solution oriented, it is no wonder that Eric Pulier is serving on the board of innovation. Pulier has done a lot of things to make sure that people’s lives are improved. Among the things that he has done was start up a social network called Starbright World for children with chronic illnesses to get together, connect and share their experiences among each other. One thing that helps children cope better is to know that they are not alone. Having chronic illness can be hard on children as they are often surrounded by people who have much better health than they do.