iFunding Creator William Skelley Receives Prestigious Award

iFunding CEO William Skelley was recently named as Next Generation of Real Estate Leader. The exclusive membership is reserved for individuals who are considered among the top real estate professionals in the field. The group’s first annual dinner was organized by Madison Realty Capital Director Michael Stoller. Several other elites representing Carlyle Group, Kushman and Wakefield and Bank of America will be joining Skelley.

Skelley announced on Facebook he has also appeared on episodes of Stoller’s weekly televised “The Stoler Report: NY’s Business Report. This show has weekly guests who discuss real estate trends of New York and the surrounding areas. Skelley has a great deal of knowledge regarding commercial real estate. In fact, he is highly-regarded in his field.

When it comes to crowdfunding, CNBC shows Skelley has it down to a science. He was one of the first real estate gurus to utilize crowdfunding in the industry. After the Title 2 Jobs Act ruling in 2012, Skelley launched iFunding. In just a few short years, iFunding has grown to become one of the largest investing platforms in real estate.

Before iFunding, Skelley was already a mover and shaker in New York real estate. He was able to finance dozens of real estate projects and underwrite nearly $2 billion in real estate transactions through his boutique investment bank.

New York born Skelley always knew what he wanted. After completing his formal education, he attended Hobart College then graduated with an MBA from Harvard Business School. He also served as an intern to Mitt Romney at Bain Capital. He speaks to languages fluently. He has also gained valuable business experience from GE Capital and several other corporations before striking out on his own.

Skelley said in an interview he learned a great deal about real estate from his former professor at Harvard Business School, Dr. Clayton Christensen. Skelley worked as a hedge fund manager for Rose Park Advisors, a company founded by Christensen. It was his mentor’s “disruptive innovation” technique that helped him learn about real estate speculation. Today, Skelley is advising a number of high-powered real estate companies. He is also a highly-sought after speaker on the business and finance circuit.

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