John Goullet: A visionary in the IT industry

John Goullet has made quite a name for himself in the IT field. He began modestly as an IT consultant before moving on to staffing in 1994. As someone with a great deal of background in the IT field, he has gained an exorbitant amount of knowledge and has been able to successfully build an empire around the staffing needs of many Fortune 500 companies. Within 5 years, his company Info Technologies skyrocketed to a whopping 30 million dollars in earnings; which also snagged the number 8 spot on Inc. Magazine’s list of the 500 fastest growing privately-owned companies.

In 2010, Info Technologies and Diversant Inc. merged; forming Diversant LLC. John currently serves as Diversant’s Principal; which allows him to both continue to work in the ever-evolving IT marketplace and focus on the work that he is truly passionate about. Knowledge is power and John Goullet is one of the biggest names in the IT industry for a reason. Through years of experience both growing his own company and assisting other large firms with their staffing needs, there truly is nothing that John is not capable of. He has proven himself to be quite a competent business man, and with the ability to accurately track changes and trends in the marketplace, he is certain to have even more success in the years to come. John uses techniques to place IT employees that are a breakthrough in his field. He has developed a recipe for a fantastic balance between the work-style of his consultants and the corporate atmosphere of his clients. This genuine caring and concern for accurate and successful placement will surely aid him in the continual growth of any company that he is involved with.