Kevin Seawright to the Rescue

Kevin Seawright has been an instrumental input for the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. In addition to serving as the organization’s CFO, Kevin has dedicated his time and energy for the benefit of youths. Kevin has assumed a significant level of responsibility throughout his life and worked well with college students in community programs.

This year, Kevin looked to the summer to engage school going students in active and experience gaining activities. He used his networks of friends and organizations to secure summer jobs for the students. This move comes as a response to the need to equip college students with practical knowledge and skills to make them sharper in the real corporate world. Proponents of the Summer 2016 program expressed their optimism it would increase the number of graduates from local colleges.

The summer program consists of six weeks of intense work experience to residents of Newark, as reported by In addition to the job opportunities, the lucky youths will pocket an excellent remuneration plus allowances. Among the activities included in the program include motivational and empowerment talks, college readiness, and financial literacy lectures as well as practical training on the job site.

Another impressive angle about the program is the massive cooperation and involvement by local corporates such as TD and Santander Banks. The two firms have already rolled out financial literacy lessons for successful applicants. He also reckoned that financial management is a foundation for a healthy life.

The response from college students has also impressed organizers seeing about 350 applications stream in the first day. In fact, there’s a new twist this year where the application process takes place online. Making the process online has massively reduced the entire application and analysis process from a month to just an hour. The goal for 2016 is to increase the summer opportunities by a margin of 500 new jobs.

Successful applicants can now look forward to starting their six-week programs between July and August. This mark another exciting period for college students and there’s reason to look forward to their future after graduation. Kevin Seawright remains an active and sociable individual as he strives for a brighter future of New Jersey. Followers and admirers engage him on social media through SoundCloud, LinkedIn, and Vizualize.

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