Marc Sparks the Serial Entrepreneur

Marc Sparks is an American based generous business personality whose individual belief in God and his personal instincts inspires many in the world of entrepreneurship where he is regarded as the entrepreneur of the entrepreneurs as he attributes his success and achievements to the Grace of God and his faith in Him. He studied and graduated in 1975 in Austin high school in Texas with a C+.

He later ventured into many businesses as startups where most of the businesses succeeded, and others drowned into failure. He is a strong believer who trusts that success and humility do go hand in hand and are instilled in an individual through challenges and hopeless devastating situations that in turn prepares one for the responsibilities that come with success, he relates this to the difficulty in forgetting where and when people get scars.

Life and Career

Sparks resides in Dallas in the United States, and the scope of his business is broad and cuts across some industrial ventures. Ranging from Telecommunication industry, in which he invests heavily, Cardinal Telecom and Splash Media serving as examples, to real estate where he also channels portions of his investment and others to business solutions and ventures to invest. Read more: Marc Sparks – AngelList and Marc Sparks (Author of They Can’t Eat You) – Goodreads

He uses his personal story and experience as an encouragement to people out in the world and his passion in establishing companies, usually from notions that people think are impossible and operates on a phrase dubbed ‘my door is always open and the time is now’ which earned him a name Sparks Speed.

Currently, Marc is the Chief Executive Officer of Timber Creek Capital and Unistar Financial Service Corporation where he doubles up as a member of executive compensation committees and as a director with his prowess in business planning and strategy.

His latest business Endeavor is called Spark Tank which is a social success based business idea and has the procedural requirements to access. It’s an innovative program that targets social service executives with an outstanding entrepreneurial spirit who have to adhere to the rules.

Marc Sparks has written a book “They Can’t Eat You” where he shares and narrates how he began business in his back yard. He successfully came up with an insurance company and managed to build it to billion dollar state within a period of 90 days. He also explains his successes and the pains that his failed business endeavors brought him.

He ends by saying the book’s audience is the upcoming entrepreneurs all over the world who have tried and failed. The book’s purpose is to provide an encouragement to these people and to give them a clear comparison that life is not just comfortable at times; you have to fail. Learn more about Marc Sparks:

His favorite Biblical quote is found in the book of Luke 12:48. Just like any other successful man, Mark was always out and willing to give a helping hand.