Samuel Strauch’s Accomplishments as a Real Estate Agent

Samuel Strauch is a renowned expert in the U.S real estate industry. He schooled the Hempstead, New York-based Hofstra University. Strauch also attended Harvard University and Erasumus University in Holland. He once worked as a banker and got sufficient experience in finance world. After a while, Samuel started working as an agent for his family’s real estate company in South Florida. He spent 14 years as serving as a licensed real estate agent before establishing his own business, Metrik Real Estate. Metrik acts as a real estate agency, and its main offices are located in South Beach, Florida. The entrepreneur has been registered to work as a real estate broker in South Florida and Latin America. He has built an excellent reputation due to his ability to the sell condominiums and homes to his clients in a timely way.

Strauch is the current head of the Metrik Real Estate, and he has been regarded as one of Miami Beach’s top real estate agents. He has focused on representing individual who would like to acquire different types of properties. Metrik Real Estate is more than just an agency. The firm has a unique and creative platform that is made up of management, development, equity sourcing, and buying properties. Its outstanding approaches have enabled to it to experience tremendous growth in the industry.

According to the businessman, he decided to start the real estate company after noticing the high demand for housing that was being caused by the rising population in Miami. Strauch had traveled a lot in Latin America and had developed relationships with several potential investors and potential clients. This enabled him to grow his firm. Metrik Real Estate is determined to understand the trends in the sector for it to fulfill the need of its clients. The company also takes part in a variety of business opportunities that deal with innovative real estates and hospitality. Metrik Real Estate aims at offering clients modern housing.

Samuel is a critical thinker and has established his agency to deal with a wide array of issues in the real estate sector. Apart from his love for real estate, he is a photography and art enthusiast. The businessman owns a personal blog that focuses on his adventures as a traveler in Tibet. The blog contains a couple of the pictures of Tibetan Buddhist monks. Strauch is also a passionate investor in different internet-based businesses and restaurants.

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