SEC Whistleblower Wins Biggest Payout In History

Often times, there is a need for a watchful eye in any business practice that involves finances. A whistleblower provides pertinent information that can aid in your watch or an investigation. The Dobb-Frank Act was created by Congress in 2010 to implement laws that would require standards be set for financial fraud. The Security Exchange Commission (SEC) has reported that an estimated $54.6 lost each year due to securities fraud. When a whistleblower provides information they should receive compensation, privacy, and employment security to ensure that their rights are being met. In fact, your rights and the outcome of your claim.

Labton Sucharow has dedicated his entire practice to SEC laws and has a key role in implementing the laws to meet a complex financial market. He wants to protect investors by ensuring that criminals are prosecuted and pay proper restitution. He has recently been acknowledged in a PR Newswire article as having won the largest payout in SEC history for his clients. Sucharow says it is imperative to get a whistleblower the compensation that they deserve when they have showed the bravery of coming forward with information on financial fraud. They understand that coming forth can cause them to blacklisted.

The Dobb-Frank Act requires that a whistleblower get get 10-30% of what is collected from a conviction of financial fraud. If the sum is over a million dollars a whistleblower should get a percentage of that. They also ensure that if another agency decides to prosecute that the whistleblower gets a portion of that. There information has provided the opportunity to save money. They have reduce the need for an intensive investigation, spending money, and finding where the fraud actually started in the first place. You don’t have to be on your own if you’re trying to face a SEC claim.

You can find a SEC whistleblower attorney by checking your local directory. They will provide you with a free consultation that will let you sit down and discuss your case. They can help you maintain your anonymity to ensure that you can find another job or be protected on your current job. You’ll be able to sit down and get a full analysis of your case to determine where you stand and the probability of winning your case. You can talk to a SEC whistlelower attorney today and find out more information on the current Security Exchange Laws that affect you as a whistleblower