Shafik Sachedina, Institute Of Ismaili Studies

The Institute of Ismaili Studies is an excellent venue for hose searching for an institution of higher learning. They have helped some of the greatest achievements become possible by providing an atmosphere of intellectual growth, productivity, and cooperation. The campus is really something to behold. It sits on acres of some of the most beautiful land with luscious greenery and city surroundings. Students will be pleased to know that the Institute of Ismaili Studies provides full coursework for their educational advancement and future success. It is a historical and contemporary institution and the faculty take pride in being able to provide their students with the tools they need for success.

The Institute of Ismaili Studies is an institute that is primarily dedicated to promoting the study of Muslim culture and history. The studying of Muslim culture allows other faiths and societies to understand and engage in gathering with a new culture. The historical and contemporary impact of the society is of great importance to the furtherance of building relations with other communities. The esoteric and mysterious aspects of Islamic faith are often discussed as well. Shi’ism is heavily studied and understood. Many institutions have engaged in the often neglected fields that have much to offer.


Shafik Sachedina is the Head of Department of Jamati Institutions. He serves as the Secretariat of the honorable and royal Aga Khan at Aiglemont in France. Shafik has the responsibility of securing programs and activities for the Ismaili community. He works very closely with the Institute of Ismaili Studies. He is responsible for interacting with Aga Khan on a regular basis and keeping operations running smoothly. The communities in Asia are very appreciative of his work and effort. The development work that he has heralded over in Central Asia is integral to the research and understanding of Islamic communities. Aga Khan Development has assisted Mr. Sachedina every step of the way.

Shafik Sachedina is also a member of the Institute of Ismaili Studies’ Board of Governors. He has done extraordinary work with the committee of that is in charge of international coordinating (FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance). He has served as the President of Ismaili Council for the United Kingdom for two consecutive terms and presents a fresh approach to local and international relations. His contribution to the Ismaili community is integral to the growth and flourishing of the community. He is an excellent leader and developer and his deeds serve as an inspiration for others to follow.

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