Squaw Valley Relentlessly Fights Bid for Olympic Valley Incorporation

Lake Tahoe North Shore communities have not had it easy over the past couple of years. First, they faced an epic drought and in addition to the natural calamity, were encumbered with a political confrontation in the form of an incorporation battle over the beautiful Olympic Valley, home to some of the most breathtaking winter sports terrain in North America including Squaw Valley Squaw Holdings. Regardless of the challenges, things could start to look up for Andy Wirth, President, and CEO, Squaw Valley. The region began experiencing early season storms accompanied by cold temperatures that enabled Squaw Valley and neighboring resorts to open weeks earlier than has been the norm. The political hindrance on rgj.com also seems to be easing off as the advocates for the incorporation decided to desist formally from their efforts.

According to an article published by the Reno-Gazette, Squaw Valley was heavily vested on fighting the incorporation efforts as the results would have been unfavorable to the local people and the businesses within Olympic Valley. Andy Wirth includes that the incorporation would have led to higher taxes being levied on the residents and the businesses. Additionally, it would have resulted in a decrease in the level of services that the local people depend on for their livelihood such as snow plowing and road maintenance. Eventually, Olympic Valley would be isolated from the other North Shore communities.

Controversy arose as the incorporation backers accused Squaw Valley of pursuing selfish motives in that they were afraid of answering to a town council and instead preferred to follow different channels for land use issues. In an email, Fred Oldfield incorporation drive organizer says that he is of the opinion that the reason as to why Squaw Valley spent so much to fight their efforts is to prevent the residents from making land use decisions. Wirth countered his accusations by including that both parties spent as they deemed necessary to win. California’s Local Agency Formation Commission, however, determined that Olympic Valley wasn’t financially viable for the incorporation.

Now that the incorporation effort was thwarted, Andy is keen on developing the transportation in the region as they work cohesively with the local residents to develop the community they love so much.

About Andy Wirth
Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings a position he has held since 2010, August. Previously, he served as senior sales Vice President of Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation. He is a major contributor to the community service organizations in Tahoe area as he focuses on generally improving the lives of the people around Squaw Valley. After a fateful sky diving incident nearly claimed his life, Andy co-founded a support team to honor Navy soldiers who have lost lives and limbs on the forefront. This cause raises money that goes to support the wounded soldiers and their families after they return home.