TOWN Residential’s Savvy Real Estate Pros

New York has always been a heady place, full of glamour and a pace of life that is fast enough to set heads spinning. Working as a real estate professional in this town, especially in the highly competitive luxury market, (which includes not just Manhattan but also Brooklyn and the outer boroughs) calls on a keen understanding of this market as well as a great understanding of client service. It’s these two qualities that have lead to the success of TOWN Residential real estate since its initial launch in 2010.

TOWN Residential was started by founder Andrew Heiberger, who is also the acting chief executive and co-chairman. Co-chairman Joseph Sitt owns Thor Equities, which is an equity partner in TOWN Residential.

Working at a high level of success in the Manhattan luxury real estate market is no small feat, but TOWN Residential has pulled off numerous success stories since it first began. With the changes the real estate market faced after the stock market crash of 2008 and the Recession that followed, TOWN’s success in this up and down, roller-coaster market is even more amazing still.

The Ups and Downs Of Luxury Real Estate

There’s no question that the real estate market here can be volatile, yet riding through these ups and downs is what great real estate professionals do well. One of the big attractions of New York to real estate investors is the durability of this city. New York has always been a hub of glamour and excitement for people of all kinds,
which is why it has always attracted so much wealth. The improvements in the city in recent years, as many of the once shabby neighborhoods have gentrified, is also a major lure for Manhattan.

As the city has improved and become safer in recent years, prices have gone skyward, which is why Brooklyn, with all its charm, has become so appealing as another hub for luxurious properties.

Now, as the real estate market faces more ups and downs as foreign money goes through fluctuations and prices here rise (and sometimes fall), it’s the truly knowledgeable real estate professionals here who will serve their client’s needs best. There’s no doubt that TOWN Residential, with its strong stable of real estate professionals, will come out on top time and again. If you’re ready to get serious about investing in New York real estate, give a call to TOWN.