Wen by Chaz Impresses Emily McClure Professional Hair Stylist

When a product comes under the scrutiny of a professional hair stylist it’s bound to take some abuse. But, in this case it was different. There wasn’t much wrong to be found about Wen hair in the opinion of Emily McClure in the Bustle magazine review.

Emily, is not only a professional hair stylist but she is also a woman with very fine hair and is prone to oily scalp. She heard so much about the wonder of Wen hair care that she decided it had to be tested and with her. So, she went on to use the product.

First, she read the label and decided that as a pro, she was concerned about the amount of product she was to use. The actual concern was she didn’t want it to weigh her already fine and flat hair down. But, she went for it anyway and decided on a mid-point for her hair. Immediately, she was happy that her hair felt as if it was thicker which was unexpected but what she wanted to happen. The other unexpected treat was that there was a marked difference in the amount of strands and broken strands that fell into the shower.

It took a couple of days into the 5 day process for the WEN Hair by Chaz Dean to stabilize on her hair. She chose to use the sephora available the “Fig” version that adds moisture and volume and the moisture enhancement feature along with the product she uses to style her hair made it a little oily on day one and two.

On subsequent days, the wow factor grew as it really kept her style and volume up.

Visit their website : http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html

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